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Wells Nevada earthquake damage
Seismic Nevada: Sequence of 60 earthquakes in Sun Valley, Washoe Valley earthquake

College of Science leads effort to monitor, research, assess earthquake hazards

Yellow and black harlequin frog sitting on a rock
Amphibian extinction research takes next step to study how disease outbreaks subside

Biologist Jamie Voyles receives National Science Foundation CAREER Award to continue research

Jennifer Hollander
Biology professor wins Nevada Regents' Teaching Award for 2019

Jennifer Hollander nominated by faculty and awarded for teaching success

Ken Nussear sits in a plane wearing vintage army gear and a vintage parachute pack. He sits behind another similarly dressed man.
Remembering Normandy, a commemorative jump

Professor of Geography and US Army veteran paratrooper Ken Nussear participated in the 75th anniversary reenactment of D-Day

Leopard laser table section
Scientists reveal how an ultrashort-pulse laser heats metal to one million degrees in one trillionth of a second

College of Science physics professor Hiroshi Sawada leads high-energy-density plasma group

Female student in graduation attire walks towards the stage at the 2019 graduation ceremony.
NASA ISS Chief Scientist Julie Robinson asks graduates to make a committment to scientific discourse

Robinson, an alumna of the College of Science, delivered the commencement address at the 2019 College of Science and College of Engineering graduation ceremony.

Happy graduate waving
Spring Commencement 2019: 'Catch your breath for a moment ... but don't stop'

Record number of degrees, 3,201, conferred during University's 129th Commencement

unloading fish nets on the Tonle Sap River in Cambodia
Few remaining free-flowing rivers identified in global study

College of Science biologist Zeb Hogan on international team of scientists

University student with faculty member/mentor and community partner
Developing regional solutions through undergraduate research

Community-based undergraduate researchers join with faculty mentors to explore problems and offer understanding and ideas to make a difference

Blue Mud
Mineral Monday: Blue Mud

Learn about the mineral Blue Mud on this week's episode of Mineral Monday

Blue Mud
Mineral Monday season finale with Vera: Ichthyosaur

Mineral Monday competition winner, Vera, co-hosts this week's episode of Mineral Monday about the Ichthyosaur.

Drilling rig on the Play Fairway project. Drill is extended vertically from the truck
Nevada in hot water: Geothermal industry gets boost with discoveries of ‘blind’ systems

College of Science team successful with new exploration methods for renewable energy

teaching geothermal class in a trench
Machines being trained to enhance geothermal exploration in Nevada

College of Science geologists are successful with new exploration methods for renewable energy

Fox Creek waterfall
New mechanism found for waterfall formation

Earth history calculations could change

dry grass
Science and policy: the Yin and Yang dynamic of global food security

Plant pathologist Bob Zeigler to present at Discover Science Lecture Series

President Marc Johnson and Henry Neeman at CI Day 2019
Researchers, Technology Providers, and Leadership Discuss Vision for University Cyberinfrastructure

Cyberinfrastructure Day 2019 highlighted where we are and where we are going with research technology support

2 faculty member sitting at desk in office with neuroscience-related images on the computer screens
Institute for Neuroscience to help a multidisciplinary center of excellence become even stronger

James Kenyon named director of University of Nevada, Reno institute designed to complement and extend the energy, experience and potential in the neurosciences

Mineral Monday: Calcite

Learn about the mineral calcite on this week's episode of Mineral Monday

Mineral Monday: lazurite

Learn about the mineral lazurite on this week's episode of Mineral Monday

Mineral Monday: sylvite

Learn about the mineral sylvite on this week's episode of Mineral Monday

Girl holding sign that reads "Welcome to Fossil Fridays"
Mineral Monday competition winner

Congratulations to Vera for submitting her winning video, Fossil Fridays: Mosasaurus!

Two children outside their with faces painted at a craft table with an adult.
Day at the Museum: May 4, 2019

Take an interactive walking tour of 10 University museums on and around campus

Mineral Monday: Sphalerite

Learn about the mineral sphalerite on this week's episode of Mineral Monday

The Lady Muckers take on the 41st Annual International Collegiate Mining Competition

The Mackay Muckers had enough female recruits for both men's and a women's teams for the first time in five years.

healthy frog
Global amphibian mass extinctions caused by fungal disease

College of Science biology professor Jamie Voyles participated in international study

Margery McKnight Carr infront of Mackay Mines building
A woman among men: Margery's story

Margery McKnight Carr was the only woman and the third in history to have graduated from the Mackay School of Mines in 1951

Felicity Muth with bee
Bees, bugs and breaking down stereotypes

Anne Leonard and Felicity Muth sit down to talk about their research, what's coming next and overcoming stereotypes

Jamie verifying the soil type with a collection of tools around her
Women in science: Jamie Ludwig Dafoe, rangeland specialist

Dafoe, a graduate of the College of Biotechnology, Agriculture & Natural Resources rangeland science program, takes us through life as a rangeland consultant

Wildflowers in the lab
As bee populations decline, study aims to understand plant and pollinator interactions

Anne Leonard awarded National Science Foundation grant to fund bumblebee research

Karen Lloyd near a small body of water.
Microbes in weird places: what life is like in the deep Earth

Karen Lloyd will speak on her recent research at the Discover Science Lecture, Thursday March 14

Barile lab makes windows smart
Adjustable tinted windows now electronically controlled

Chemistry professor creates new technology for vastly improved smart window performance

Mineral Monday: crocoite

Learn about the mineral crocoite on this week's episode of Mineral Monday

Wendy Calvin with Mars Rover
Wendy Calvin looks back at 15 years of working on Mars

College of Science geologist on the science team for the rover Opportunity

chickadee eating a bug
Natural selection and spatial memory link shown in mountain chickadee research

Long-term, extensive study in Sierra Nevada range yields behavior, memory and selection data

Mineral Monday: adamite

Learn about the mineral adamite on this week's episode of Mineral Monday

Garrett Barmore with young co-host
Mineral Monday competition announcement

The Keck Museum is excited to announce its first-ever Mineral Monday competition!

Yan lab male infertility research
Research on sperm transportation reveals new cause of male infertility

UNR Med-led research team corrects a 150-year-old wrong concept regarding sperm transport; findings could lead to new treatment for male infertility

Scientists: 'Time is ripe' to use big data for planet-sized plant data

Professor Julie Allen leads research using big data to address biodiversity issues at the global scale

old photograph of two women in front of Mackay Statue
A place in history: the Mackay School

A look back at some remarkable images from the Mackay School's past.

Lahontan cutthroat trout
Environmental discoveries, men's hoops lead most popular stories of 2018

Lahontan cutthroat trout species re-discovery was the most clicked on Nevada Today story in 2018

BUtterfly on plant
The Promise of Chemical Ecology

The Hitchcock Center for Chemical Ecology welcomes Dr. Paul Cox at December 2018 Launch Symposium

Grateful College of Science student
2018 Winter Commencement: 'What path will you take?'

1,864 degrees conferred during two ceremonies on Saturday

Carr Fire Firenado
Scientists find causes of firenado in deadly Carr Fire

Climate, weather set the stage for uncontrollable inferno in Redding, California

Hand holding gold slurry
Mineral Monday: how gold is made

Learn how gold goes from in the ground to the finished product.

Garrett Barmore with child
Mineral Monday Competition

Mineral Monday is back for season three with an exciting announcement

Image of river basin developed through airborne lidar mapping technology
Revealing our dynamic landscape through new high-resolution topographic data

Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology’s regional-scale lidar mapping provides novel insights into earthquake, flood and glacial history

Mihye Ahn
Decoding the mind

Mathematics & Statistics Assistant Professor Mihye Ahn on her research and rise in academia

students with desert bighorn sheep
Genetic studies set new standards for managing Nevada’s recovering bighorn sheep herds

University of Nevada, Reno biologists study effect of herd restoration over past 50 years

Hillis Plot
Evolutionary biologist David Hillis to speak on genomic sequencing of “Tree of Life”

Free public event, College of Science Discover Science Lecture, Nov. 15

Mineral Monday: Opal

This week, learn about common opal, precious opal and Nevada's state mineral, black fire opal.

Herkimer Diaomond
Mineral Monday: Herkimer Diamond

This week's specimen looks like a diamond, is called a diamond, but is not a diamond at all!

Mineral Monday: Dioptase

Learn about the beautiful green mineral, dioptase, on this week's episode of Mineral Monday.

Blane Harding
Blane Harding receives Leading Light Award from national academic advising association

College of Science Director of Advising, Recruitment and Retention honored at annual national conference

Damaged two-story building in Wells, Nevada, after a 6.0 earthquake in 2008
Great Nevada ShakeOut public earthquake drill Thursday, Oct. 18

University of Nevada, Reno’s seismological lab uses drill to help Nevadans learn, prepare for earthquakes

Soda Lake, Nevada
Visit Nevada’s youngest volcano, geothermal power plant and other geologic wonders for Earth Science Week

College of Science's Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology to lead free public tour Saturday

Kirkwood camera installation
Historic Sierra Nevada peak site for newest AlertTahoe network camera

College of Science's Nevada Seismological Lab goes to great heights to help firefighters

Mineral Monday: Topaz

Topaz, often used in jewelry, is the subject of this week's episode of Mineral Monday.

Mineral Monday: Aragonite

Learn about the tabular mineral aragonite on this week's episode of Mineral Monday.

Mineral Monday: Barite

Learn about the common mineral, barite, on this week's episode.

Mineral Monday field trip to Twin Creeks Gold Mine, part 1

Take a trip out to Newmont Mining Operations Twin Creeks facility on this week's episode of Mineral Monday!

Bed in room
Why and how do we sleep?

Associate Professor Alexander M. van der Linden explains the need for sleep, and how simple organisms with a completely mapped nervous system are key in understanding sleep regulation and function.

Mineral Monday: Smithsonite

This week's mineral shares its namesake with a famous group of museums and research centers. Any guesses?

Wells earthquake damage 2008
Register now for Great Nevada ShakeOut public earthquake drill

College of Science’s seismological lab uses drill to help Nevadans learn, prepare for earthquakes

Two students in a garden
Geography students help Reno refugees cultivate roots through community garden

Service learning opportunities offered in the geography department at the University of Nevada, Reno has students building community ties for marginalized populations

Researcher in jungle
The Hitchcock Center for Chemical Ecology opens, supports collaboration across disciplines

The Hitchcock Center will formalize and enhance the highly successful interdisciplinary and international collaborations in the fields of chemical ecology and natural products chemistry.

Students study with each other.
University adds 13 new academic programs

New programs range from a minor in graphic design to a B.S. in biotechnology

Fly Geyser
Mineral Monday: Plesiosaur

Learn about this ancient marine reptile on this week's episode of Mineral Monday.

Photo of Jim Bell's book: The Ultimate Interplanetary Travel Guide: A Futuristic Journey Through the Cosmos
Planetary Scientist Jim Bell will take you on a vacation through space

Discover Science Lecture Series brings solar system tour guide and astronomer to talk with community

Mineral Monday: Azurite

This relatively common mineral is popular with collectors because of its beautiful blue hues.

Carbide Lamps
Mineral Monday: Carbide Lamps

This week, Garrett shows us a few exciting pieces in the Keck Museum's mining history collection.

Sand Mountain
Mineral Monday: Field Trip to Sand Mountain

Garrett heads out on the road again this week for another field trip edition of Mineral Monday!

Holy Fire captured on Alert Wildfire camera
Seismo Lab's AlertWildfire mountaintop camera network slated for Sonoma County

College of Science and UC San Diego team with regional agencies to help firefighting efforts

Seven students in white NevadaFIT T-shirst pose for a photo while gathered on the University of Nevada, Reno campus.
NevadaFIT: Freshman Intensive Transition boot camp begins

More than 1,700 incoming freshman – nearly half of all University of Nevada, Reno freshmen – to participate in program designed to increase college success

Discover Science Lecture speaker Jaime Casap
Jaime Casap launches 2018-2019 Discover Science Lecture Series Aug. 22

Casap is the Education Evangelist at Google and speaks to education influencers about the role of web and tech-based learning

Graham Kent speaks at Tahoe Summit about AlertTahoe fire camera system
Funding for AlertTahoe fire camera network announced at Tahoe Summit

College of Science’s Graham Kent talks about successful mountaintop fire tracking system

Fly Geyser
Mineral Monday: field trip to Fly Ranch

Explore this incredible geological site and hear the Burning Man Organization's plans for the property in this special field trip edition of Mineral Monday.

Researcher shines light on a test tube in a darkened lab
Center for Advanced Studies advocates for researchers

Past University research honorees offer faculty community a voice on campus and beyond

Christopher Barile working on smart window in lab
Smart Window technology, adjustable tinted glass, offers energy saving solutions

University’s Christopher Barile discusses how smart windows can be the future of windows

Drawer of ore samples
Mineral Monday: Vivianite

This week, learn about the spectacular mineral vivianite.

Fluorite on display
Mineral Monday: Fluorite

Watch this week's episode of Mineral Monday about the many fluorite specimens on display at the Keck Museum.

Stibnite on display
Mineral Monday: Stibnite

Watch this week's episode of Mineral Monday and learn about the mineral stibnite.

Cinnabar on display
Mineral Monday: Cinnabar and a special announcement

Watch this week's episode of Mineral Monday and learn about the mineral cinnabar.

2 separate, side-by-side photos of Dr. Chalifoux and Dr. Snow
Chalifoux, Snow named 2018 Regents’ Rising Researchers

Recognized for early successes and discoveries in research fields of chemistry, psychology

Zeb Hogan in Salween River
Nat Geo WILD’s “Monster Fish with Zeb Hogan” season premieres June 1

Biology professor travels off the grid to the dangerous Salween River in Myanmar to start the new season

Professor holds a large-scale model of a molecule.
Innovation and commercialization: Chemistry research by Tom Bell has global impact

2018 Foundation Established Innovator Awardee is working with compounds that have the potential to save lives and improve health

NevadaTeach student with Sparks High School Students
NevadaTeach graduates first cohort of dual-degreed students

University program addresses qualified math, science teacher shortage and continues to expand as students develop a love for teaching

University student Shawnice Kraeber working on a patient at the Student Outreach Clinic
University’s Post-Bac program offers second chance at medical school

Shawnice Kraeber is the first post-baccalaureate student to graduate from University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

Professor Jeff Harper with a student in his biochemistry lab
On the genetic frontier: Helping plants develop, survive and produce in extreme conditions

Jeff Harper, University’s 2018 Outstanding Researcher, contributes to advancements in plant biology through ‘extraordinary’ research

Student Jolene Norton holds up her report titled "Reno Local Food Assessment."
Developing regional solutions through undergraduate research (May 2018)

Through Community-Based Research, students explore problems and offer understanding, tools and ideas to make a difference

Mackay Mucker hammer in handsteel event
University’s Mackay Muckers place second at 2018 International Mining Games

Students in the School of Mines traveled to Camborne, England for 40th international competition

Mine Cage
Mineral Monday: Native Silver

This week on Mineral Monday, learn about two unique formations of native silver or silver nuggets.

Mohs Hardness Scale minerals on display
Mineral Monday: Mohs Hardness Scale

The Mohs Hardness Scale is often used as a first step when classifying rocks and minerals.

Quartz on display
Mineral Monday: Quartz

For this week's episode of Mineral Monday, learn about this common mineral that comes in many different colors.

Drawer of ore samples
Mineral Monday: Mackay Stanford Ore Deposit Collection

Explore one of the Keck Museum's off-site storage locations with curator Garrett Barmore.

Adam Csank cores tree in Bermuda
National Geographic names Adam Csank Geography Steward for Nevada

Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography Adam Csank is representing Nevada as the National Geographic Geography Steward

mt lincoln weather station
Sierra mountaintop laboratory keeps track of some of the worst weather in the country

Sugar Bowl Resort, University partner to study regional weather, climate and water impacts for California and Nevada

Fish and Wildlife Services measures Lahontan cutthroat
Lahontan cutthroat trout species thought to be extinct rediscovered in Utah Creek

University’s Mary Peacock publishes research on recovering Nevada’s local monster fish

Wakabayashilite on display
Mineral Monday: Wakabayashilite

Wakabayashilite is one of the rarest minerals in the Keck Museum's collection.

Mackay Silver on display
Mineral Monday: Mackay Silver

The Mary Louise and John Mackay Silver Collection showcases about 58 ornately designed silver service pieces, and is one of the Keck Museum's more famous collections.

Tektites on display
Mineral Monday: Tektites

Learn about the mysterious tektites for this week's episode of Mineral Monday.

Helicoprion fossil on display
Mineral Monday: Helicoprion Fossil

This week's specimen illustrates a unique feature of this ancient shark species.

Mine Cage
Mineral Monday: Mine Cage

For this week's episode of Mineral Monday, Garrett takes us back in time to the early days of mining on the Comstock here in our home state of Nevada.

Fleischmann Planetarium among the trees
Tour nine interactive museums at ‘Day at the Museum’ May 5

Community welcome to attend family-fun event at the University of Nevada, Reno

Mick Hitchcock
Biochemist and developer of groundbreaking anti-viral drugs to speak at the College of Science

Mick Hitchcock will speak April 5 at 7 p.m. as part of the Discover Science Lecture Series

Davidson Mathematics and Science Building
Mick Hitchcock closes out Discover Science Lecture Series April 5

Hitchcock is a University of Nevada, Reno trustee and bio-pharmaceutical researcher revolutionizing HIV treatment

Fire camera installation
Innovation award presented to AlertTahoe mountaintop fire camera team

College of Science leads efforts to bring internet to the wilderness for hazard monitoring

Halite on display
Mineral Monday: Halite

Learn about the fast-moving mineral halite in this week's episode of Mineral Monday.

Pyrite on display
Mineral Monday: Pyrite

This stunning mineral is very common and is better known by it's nickname.

Mastodon foot
Mineral Monday: Mastodon

Learn about this prehistoric species of elephant on this week's episode of Mineral Monday.

Wulfenite on display
Mineral Monday: Wulfenite

Learn about this yellow tabular mineral called wulfenite on this week's episode of Mineral Monday.

carrying equipment to AlertTahoe fire camera site
AlertWildfire mountaintop camera network tracked 240 western wildfires in 2017

College of Science leveraging technology for public safety

Two men on a boat smiling at each other and holding a core
The messy history of pristine landscapes

Researchers reconstruct the relationship between changing sociopolitical conditions and their effect on the landscape.

S. James Gates Jr.
S. James Gates Jr. to speak at the College of Science March 8

World-renowned theoretical physicist S. James Gates Jr. is known for his research on supersymmetry as well as his advocacy for diversity in education.

Giant sloth track fossils on display
Mineral Monday: Giant Sloth Tracks

The Keck Museum houses the only public collection of fossils found at the Carson City trackway.

Two staurolite crystals
Mineral Monday: Staurolite

This week, learn about the mineral staurolite and its unique twinned formation.

Four variations of hematite
Mineral Monday: Hematite

The mineral hematite is considered the most important iron ore because it is mined and then refined into iron.

Garrett stands in front of the Nevada relief Map
Mineral Monday: Nevada Relief Map

Learn something new about Nevada on this week's episode of Mineral Monday!

S. James Gates, Jr.
College of Science talks with S. James Gates, Jr.

S. James Gates, Jr. talks about his career, the physics question that has become his "white whale," and what fulfills him most in life.

Native copper
Mineral Monday: Native Copper

This week, explore the Keck Museum's extensive native copper collection.

Professor Wendy Calvin with two students using a portable field spectrometer.
College of Science program helps launch the first multi-university graduate course

The University of Nevada, Reno partners with five other universities nationwide to offer new topics in hydrology research.

Fulgurite on display at the W.M. Keck Earth Science and Mineral Engineering Museum.
Mineral Monday: Fulgurite

Each Monday, explore the many amazing minerals, fossils and historical objects on display at the W.M. Keck Earth Science and Mineral Engineering Museum with curator Garrett Barmore.

Campus aerial image from north campus looking toward south Reno
Nevada Seismological Lab reports swarm of 90 earthquakes in south Reno

University reports several magnitude 2 and lower quakes, no damage reported

Ganzorig Batsaihan (left) sits with Sudeep Chandra on a river boat
College of Science supported film selected for the 2018 Wild & Scenic Film Festival

The film "Ganzorig and the River Wolf" offers a unique perspective into the work of local Mongolian scientist, Ganzorig Batsaihan.

Volcano viewing in Kamchatka
Active volcanoes lure College of Science geologist to remote Kamchatka

Philipp Ruprecht and team get treated to several eruptions in trek on northern peninsula

One hundred dollar bills with a beaker on top.
Is commercialization the new status symbol for academic scientists?

A University of Nevada, Reno faculty member interviewed 61 scientists at four top research universities, examining how they think about commercial rewards

A group of students dressed in lab coats and goggles pose in a chemistry lab around their TA.
New program awards chemistry lab safety

Three Teaching Assistants recognized for their success in undergraduate chemistry lab safety

Two professors and two students stand infront of a tree.
The gene tree: mapping the evolutionary history of a sugar gene

University research into Neu5Gc sugar lays groundwork for research in diets, transplants, and diseases.

Students pose for a photo on top of a large dirt hill
Game of drones: College of Science students test the use of unmanned aircraft systems for research

The University of Nevada, Reno partners with five universities nationwide to teach new topics in hydrological research.

Fang Jiang studies fMRI technology images
Lightning Talks provide early-career faculty members opportunity to network, collaborate

Presentations represented a variety of disciplines, including sustainable plant production and street art in virtual reality

Great Basin of Nevada
Great Basin seed study experiment targets rangeland restoration

New genetic study methods, targeted seed production in four-year study by CABNR, College of Science

Students stand with julie Robinson for a photo
NASA Chief Scientist Julie Robinson visits with students, community

College of Science and Davidson Academy students and professors meet with Julie Robinson prior to her lecture

College of Science researcher fly fishing
Fly fishing in Mongolia with the College of Science

Zeb Hogan and Sudeep Chandra's research on taimen in Mongolia could inform sustainable fly fishing and ecosystem management globally.

The International Space Station
Space station chief scientist to talk about medicine, world, technology

Discover Science Lecture Series Thursday, Nov. 9, free and open to the public

Students walking outside Mackay Science in the fall leaves
19 new programs join University academics

New programs include a doctorate in mathematics, a major in dance, a minor in Middle Eastern studies and more

Explaining search for dark matter
One step closer to defining dark matter, celebrate Dark Matter Day

Cross-campus collaboration brought together a quantum physicist and a geophysicist to look for particles

The International Space Station Over Florida
Space station chief scientist Julie Robinson featured speaker at lecture series

Discover Science Lecture Series Thursday, Nov. 9, free and open to the public

Student Brian Huynh speaks to a crowd of guests at the College of Science Scholarship Luncheon
College of Science students speak at the 2017 Scholarship Luncheon

Scholarship recipients met with donors at the annual College of Science Scholarship Luncheon

Andrew Geraci and his team work in an environment of laser light and super-clean equipment as they study the mysteries of matter.
College of Science professor seeks to answer the mysteries of the universe

Experimental physicist and professor, Andrew Geraci, studies ultralight matter at the College of Science

A destroyed building in Wells, Nevada following a 6.0 magnitude earthquake.
Practicing for pizza: The Great Nevada ShakeOut is 10:19 on 10-19

Students can win a pizza or donut party for their class if they take and post a picture with #ShakeOutPizza

The Davidson Math and Science Center at the University of Nevada, Reno
How “The Diversity Bonus” improves Science, Finance, Sports

Scott E. Page comes to the University of Nevada, Reno Thursday, Oct. 12.

Alan Alda and Dean Al Stavitsky shake hands on stage
From M*A*S*H to intestines, Alan Alda speaks to journalism students

Alan Alda engages students and professors about science communication

Felicity Muth examines samples in the field
College of Science’s Felicity Muth receives national L’Oréal Fellowship

Biology scholar receives $60,000 For Women in Science Fellowship for her work with bees

Two students and a professor examine a bird's nest box.
Going back to school: Nevada’s Jenny Ouyang travels for the birds

NSF grant funds University of Nevada, Reno research, expeditions, education about birds and urbanization

Hamilton Lab at the University
New STEM education program to increase participation for Hispanic students

University of Nevada, Reno leads effort to increase workforce in life sciences for Nevada industries

Davidson Math and Science Center at University of Nevada, Reno
College of Science talks Diversity, Space, Superstrings, HIV

Discover Science Lecture Series begins its seventh year at Nevada

Thomas Kidd and fruit fly pic
Split-brain fruit fly research gives insight into autism

University of Nevada, Reno neuroscientists find clues in genetic studies

Photographer in wet suit takes photos under water in Lake Tahoe
InNEVenture Fund enters second year of ramping up ideas and technologies for commercialization

Early-stage proof-of-concept funding applications now open for Nevada Research and Innovation Corporation program

FIT2Care NevadaFIT group photo
NevadaFIT: Freshman Intensive Transition boot camp begins Saturday, Aug. 19

Nearly 1,450 incoming freshman to participate in program designed to increase college success

drilling blind geothermal systems
Drilling to begin in University’s Great Basin geothermal exploration project

College of Science receives $1.5 million from DOE for Phase III of project to find “blind” systems

Solar Eclipse in Reno
Social event of the (solar) season: Nevada prepares for eclipse

University of Nevada, Reno’s Fleischmann Planetarium is excited for upcoming solar eclipse

A group of four looks at one of the laser systems at the Nevada Terawatt Facility
University collaboration leads HIL Applied Medical to name Reno as North American headquarters

Win-win-win: Nevada Terawatt Facility hosts research, Israeli-based company invests in equipment and proton-therapy advances for cancer treatment

biologists show newly found toad species
Rare discovery of three new toad species in Nevada’s Great Basin by College of Science

Biologists work to identify small toads published in science journal

A group of kids participate in a Maker Faire
Fourth Annual Reno Mini Maker Faire scheduled for July 8 at Idlewild Park

Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth unites engineers, artists, scientists, crafters to share their hobbies, experiments and projects

Governor Sandoval Signs three legislative bills on University of Nevada, Reno campus
Gov. Sandoval signs, seals and now University to deliver a new Engineering Building

A day of firsts –Nevada governor the first governor to arrive in an autonomous vehicle to the University’s first bill signing

slide mountain fire camera
AlertTahoe fire camera network readies for robust fire season, adds cameras

Nevada Seismological Lab system helps firefighters respond to wildfires with mountaintop monitoring

Angela Hornsby poses for a photo in a science lab
Meet more of the University's student and faculty Regents’ award winners

University honorees receive Teaching Award, Academic Advising Awards and Student Scholar Awards; in addition to Regents' Researcher and Rising Researcher of the Year

Greene with snake
Herpetologist Harry Greene to close Discover Science Lecture Series

The award-winning author and professor will discuss how natural history influences values

Student researcher presenting at the Undergraduate Research Symposium
Symposium highlights research, creative, scholarly activity by undergraduate students

Undergraduate Research develops resources to further facilitate students in pursuit of research in various fields

University's third annual "Day at the Museum" promises learning, fun

The event will feature 11 museums covering diverse interests from astronomy to art

W.M. Keck Museum
The University invites you to a 'Day at the Museum'

11 museums covering a range of interests will participate in the campus-wide event

Harry Greene
Discover Science Lecture Series to wrap up with snake expert

Celebrated herpetologist and rewilding proponent Harry W. Green will talk snakes and returning developed land to its natural state

Scientific community buzzing about work of Anne Leonard and Felicity Muth

The biology professor and researcher have been making waves with their work on bees

Fishing on the Tonle Sap River in Cambodia
Wonder of the Mekong: Billions of fish migrate across Cambodia each year

University of Nevada, Reno teams with international agencies to study fish migration in Tonle Sap River

Prepare for lift off with planetary scientist and Saturn expert Carolyn Porco

Discover Science Lecture Series takes a spin through the solar system on March 16

Neurobiologist and philosopher conduct ‘smelly’ research

Seed-grants support creative, interdisciplinary research such as effort to explain why smell plays such a key role in life

Chickadees studied at University
Biology professor is elected a fellow of the Animal Behavior Society

Vladimir Pravosudov has spent his career studying behavior and cognition in small birds

Planetary scientist and Saturn expert Carolyn Porco will speak at University of Nevada, Reno

Discover Science Lecture Series turns its eyes to the sky March 16 as part of the series

Tom Albright
Climate change increases lethal dehydration risk in desert songbirds

College of Science-led multi-institution study focuses on southwest United States

University biologist aids research on carnivorous plants

David Alvarez-Ponce is a contributor to a new paper that explores the evolution of the cephalotus plant

Fishing on Tonle Sap River in Cambodia
Mekong River biodiversity, ecosystem initiative launches in Cambodia

College of Science's Global Water Center team begins work to conserve one of world’s largest rivers

Fly guy
Fly expert to explain mystery of why swatting flies is tough

Michael Dickinson, will speak as part of the University of Nevada, Reno’s Discover Science Lecture Series

From the University of Nevada, Reno to the moon

Sid Pathak and his students’ work on carbon nanotubes will soon grace the lunar surface

Zuza in South Africa
New Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology faculty geologist

Andrew Zuza will study the unique history of Nevada’s geology, tectonics and crustal deformation

Forister at Silver Lake
University scientists unite to study biodiversity with help of NSF grant

The five-year grant will fund research on interactions between insects, microbes and their environment

Ambitious, University-led effort explores mobility technologies

Coalition of partners launches Intelligent Mobility to develop and test solutions for safe, clean and efficient transportation in Reno-Sparks-Carson ‘Living Lab’

Michael Dickinson
Neuroscientist and bioengineer to speak about aerodynamic feats of fruit flies

Michael Dickinson to present Feb. 16 in free Discover Science Lecture Series at University of Nevada, Reno

Geothermal Plant
Meet the Geothermal Energy Center’s new director

Bridget Ayling took over the director position at the GBCGE last spring

Seismo Communication Installation
Hawthorne, Nev. hit by three magnitude 5.5 to 5.7 earthquakes

University of Nevada, Reno seismologists work with other agencies to monitor, respond to events

Jill Heaton handles black mamba snakes
What Namibia can teach us

University of Nevada, Reno associate professor Jill Heaton's work in the southern African nation benefits students both there and here

Unloading a dai net on Tonle River
New Mekong River initiative will highlight values of biodiversity, ecosystems

University’s Global Water Center builds team to conserve one of world’s largest rivers

Wesnousky studies Nepal earthquake trench
Seismically active Kathmandu region in store for larger earthquake

College of Science geophysics team identifies new dangers

Francis L. Macrina
Leader in scientific research, Francis L. Macrina, comes to campus Dec. 1

Evening presentation will explore the evolution of science and how research conduct has made a significant impact on the world around us

AlertTahoe fire camera
AlertTahoe fire camera system helps firefighters respond to catastrophic wildfires

University’s partnership with Tahoe Prosperity Center expands mountaintop monitoring

Davidson Mathematics and Science
History of periodic table, relation to quantum physics topic of public lecture

Eric Scerri to speak Nov. 10 at Discover Science Lecture Series at University of Nevada, Reno

Pyramid Lake
Celebrate Earth Science Week with tour of Truckee River, open house at Great Basin Library

Public invited to have fun while learning with the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology

Derrick Pitts
Will cell phones change the way we look at the universe?

Astronomer, Astrobiology Ambassador Derrick Pitts to speak at College of Science lecture series Oct. 13

Hogan and young fan at Tennessee opening
Monster Fish leave Reno, invade Chattanooga, Tenn

National Geographic exhibition featuring the work of University of Nevada, Reno researcher Zeb Hogan opens at the Tennessee Aquarium

Great Nevada ShakeOut is October 20 at 10:20 a.m.
Register now for the Oct. 20 Great Nevada ShakeOut public earthquake drill

University’s seismological lab uses drill to help Nevadans learn, prepare for earthquakes

South Hills crossbill
Biologists identify evolving new bird species in southern Idaho using genomics

University of Nevada, Reno and University of Wyoming team up to trace coevolution of trees and birds

Astronomer, Astrobiology Ambassador Derrick Pitts to speak at lecture series

Next speaker in the Discover Science Lecture Series Oct. 13 at University of Nevada, Reno

Hunting for bees on a hillside
Felicity Muth gets distinguished AAUW Award

Grant to help further her bee behavior research in Anne Leonard Lab

Associate Professor Matt Forister
Common ag insecticides associated with sharp decline in California butterfly populations

Research team led by College of Science Associate Professor Matt Forister

President Obama at the Tahoe Summit
20th anniversary of Tahoe Summit a time to celebrate and look ahead

President Barack Obama praises Nevada Sen. Reid for saving Lake Tahoe

Students work on a table. One student is measuring a length of wood.
NevadaFIT: Freshman Intensive Transition boot camp begins Sunday, Aug. 21

More than 1,000 incoming freshman to participate in program designed to increase college success

multi-hazard monitoring
USGS awards $3.7 million for ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning System

Nevada Seismological Lab to initially integrate eastern California within the Tahoe-Truckee corridor

tahoe invasive fish removal research
World’s water ecology, ecosystem issues addressed by new Global Water Center

New University collaboration approved by the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents

Hot Pot fire July 3, 2016
Mountaintop cameras part of BLM firefighting arsenal as 10,000 acres an hour burned

Fire camera system built and maintained by University of Nevada, Reno Seismological Lab

2016 Douglas High Signing Day
Nevada Scholars Signing Days celebrate 8 years

The University includes 50 National Merit Scholarship Finalists and 300 Presidential Scholars - and growing

Don Hardy with his class
Tibbitts 2016 Award winners: Two disciplines, two human-based approaches

Don Hardy in English and Sarah Cummings in Chemistry, the University's finest teachers for 2016, share many common traits

Granite Range near Gerlach Nevada
Magnitude 3.9 one of 300 earthquakes near Gerlach, Nevada

Nevada Seismological Lab in College of Science continues to monitor seismic activity

Emily Ann Weissgerber
Emily Weissgerber named University’s Spring 2016 Herz Gold Medalist

Biology student earns top grade-point average, plans for a career in healthcare

Mining Competition Team
University places First overall at Intercollegiate Mining Competition

Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering students compete in a variety of events

Inside the Nevada Historical Society
A 'Day at the Museum' to open campus' treasures to public

Annual 'Day at the Museum' event to open 11 Museum District locations to the community

Fire Camera at Lake Tahoe
Earthquake scientists convene in Reno for premiere annual convention

Seismological Society of America’s annual meeting to address latest earthquake research

Robert Williams, Hubble Telescope scientist
Hubble telescope director reveals passion for astronomy, exploring universe

Robert Williams is next speaker for the Discover Science Lecture Series, April 21

Earthquake damage in 2015 Nepal earthquake
Students to talk about experiencing 7.3 Nepal aftershock, field studies

Two grad students and professor studied seismic effects of devastating, deadly earthquake

2008 Wells, Nevada earthquake
Global experts to inform region on economic recovery after devastating earthquakes

Earthquake Economic Resiliency Forum for public, economic leaders and disaster officials

Robert Williams
Hubble Telescope project director to talk on searching for the ends of the universe

Robert Williams next speaker in the Discover Science Lecture Series April 21 at University of Nevada, Reno

Mackay Club Mine Design Team
University takes 2nd place at National Mine Team Competition

Students compete against other top schools by engaging in real world engineering problems

UAS SAR Symposium
Emergency responders to learn about, explore uses of unmanned autonomous vehicles

Symposium on UAS applications for search and rescue hosted by University of Nevada, Reno

University program designed to address qualified math, science teacher shortage

NevadaTeach offers STEM majors interested in secondary education a dual degree, without added cost or time, ensuring practiced teachers enter the classroom

Mars Explorer Wendy Calvin
Mars explorer Wendy Calvin continues work with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab

College of Science researcher studies planetary geology

search and rescue UAS symposium
Emergency responders can register to learn about, explore uses of autonomous vehicles

Registration open now for symposium on drone and robotic applications for search and rescue

Cartographers Award
College of Science cartographers receive awards at state GIS conference

Cartographers and GIS Specialists recognized for their work on two maps

Paul Alan Cox
Ethnobotanist to talk on search for plants that may lead to disease cures

Paul Alan Cox next speaker in the Discover Science Lecture Series March 10

David Quammen
Author, adventurer David Quammen to talk on scary viruses that plague the world

Next speaker in the Discover Science Lecture Series Feb. 4 at Davidson Mathematics and Science Center

Zeb Hogan with Monster Fish
Three of the craziest Monster Fish caught in 2015 featured on Nat Geo WILD

Zeb Hogan, University of Nevada, Reno biologist hosts new season of popular Monster Fish series

University researchers uncover new findings about bees and memory

Project in the College of Science Leonard Lab funded through National Science Foundation

1915 Pleasant Valley Earthquake
Thousands of 2015 Nevada Earthquakes

University of Nevada, Reno earthquake expertise spans the globe

Author, adventurer David Quammen to talk on scary viruses that plague the world (2015)

Next speaker in the College of Science Discover Science Lecture Series

Innevation Center opening
Top Stories of 2015

A list of the most-visited Nevada Today stories of 2015

Ken Smith at Seismology Lab
Magnitude 4.4 strongest in series of earthquakes in south Reno reported by Nevada Seismological Laboratory

Quakes centered six miles south of downtown; minor damage reported

The beauty of Nevada on full display in 2016 Nevada Geology Calendar

Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology’s new calendar includes geological images and information on Nevada’s scenic wonders

Rare, freshwater monster fish caught in Cambodia

University Biologist and National Geographic Explorer Zeb Hogan on hand to tag and release Giant Mekong Catfish

Zeb Hogan Monster Fish museum exhibition
Zeb Hogan’s work comes to life at The Discovery museum

National Geographic’s Monster Fish traveling exhibition visits Reno

Scott Tyler CTEMPs at Shasta Lake
Scott Tyler – taking the world’s temperature on land, in the sea and in the air

Lasers and fiber optic cable used for research projects around the world

University to host 12th Annual Student World Water Forum

Key water issues explored through student presentations and panel discussions

Grand Canyon expert Karl Karlstrom to talk on origins of natural wonder of world

Next speaker in the Discover Science Lecture Series at University of Nevada, Reno

Community helps University track bird of prey habitats in Reno Hawk Project

College of Science grad student continues to lead team on hawk sighting adventures

Raul Rojas Autonomous Drive in Mexico
Autonomous car finishes record-setting trip in Mexico

University of Nevada, Reno math professor, researcher successfully rides from Nogales to Mexico City

Discover Nevada’s geology in annual College of Science open house

Public invited to have fun while learning with experts in two-night adventure at Great Basin Science and Sample Records Library

College of Science geologists to show signs of local volcano, glacier and quake activity

Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology to lead community on Earth Science Week field trip Oct. 17-18

1915 Great Nevada Earthquake spurs reminder for 2015 Great Nevada Shakeout

Register now for Drop, Cover, Hold On public earthquake drill

Governor Sandoval, President Johnson, and VP of Research and Innovation Mridul Gautam
The Block ‘N’ goes downtown: University Innevation Center opens

University of Nevada, Reno Innevation Center, ‘Powered by Switch,’ will propel innovation, economic impact

Pleasant Valley 1915 earthquake
Great Nevada Earthquake occurred 100 years ago in Pleasant Valley

College of Science to hold talk and field trip Oct. 3 to commemorate Nevada’s largest earthquake

Tahoe Science Conference highlights a decade of research in the Lake Tahoe Basin

Conference encouraging open discussion of Tahoe’s environment now in its final year

Foundation Professor Scott Tyler named Fellow of American Geophysical Union

Recognized for advancements in environmental processes through novel measurement, theory and international collaboration

World-exploring journalist, author Simon Winchester to give free public lecture

College of Science’s Discover Science lecture Oct. 1

A catastrophic fire could undo decades of protecting Lake Tahoe

College of Science 24/7 fire monitoring camera system unveiled at annual Tahoe Summit

sheldon earthquake swarm
Earthquake activity in far northwest Nevada continues

College of Science's Nevada Seismological Laboratory monitors the year-long earthquake swarms

tahoe fish removal project provides fish to needy
Electrofishing project provides fish fillets to local charity

University of Nevada, Reno invasive fish removal project at Lake Tahoe continues

New science-based roadmap to protect Lake Tahoe from aquatic invaders

University of Nevada, Reno teams with agencies in private-public partnership to preserve ecosystem

Richard Kelley demos quadcopter
Pioneering air traffic management system aims for safer drone air traffic

University of Nevada, Reno, Flirtey and Drone America team with NASA

Forging new geothermal resources through research

U.S. Department of Energy project calls on University expertise in geologic modeling and geothermal exploration

Midas Peak Fire Camera
Fire-spotting camera system installed on Great Basin mountain peaks

Bureau of Land Management and University of Nevada, Reno team up to protect rangeland and forests

University provides opportunities for students during NASA Rover Challenge

Fleischmann Planetarium and Science Center helps students from Academy of Arts, Careers and Technology design and construct space rover for competition

University to host first-ever Sierra Systems and Synbio Symposium

Registrations for symposium is free and open until July 24

AlertTahoe scans Washington Fire
AlertTahoe fire camera network tracks Washington Fire, seeks crowd sourcing and monitoring

University of Nevada, Reno's Seismo Lab building comprehensive system to cover region with fire-spotting technology

sandoval in earthquake engineering lab
Separating five facts from earthquake fiction in “San Andreas,” the movie

College of Science seismological lab director offers science-grounded view of Hollywood disaster film

Seismology lab professor, grad students safe in Kathmandu after magnitude 7.3 earthquake

Team experiences shaking as they survey structures for ground motion clues

Foundation Professor Steve Wesnousky in Himalayas studying earthquake fault

College of Science team searching for geophysical clues south of Kathmandu

Goldwater Scholarship awarded to University sophomore for neuroscience research

Josh Regalado receives a scholarship to pursue research at the University of Nevada, Reno in biological processes

University honors 2015 Spring Senior Scholar recipients

Colleges recognize students with top grade-point average at banquet May 13

grad students go to Nepal
Earthquake scientists go to Himalayas for seismic research

University of Nevada, Reno team to continue ongoing research south of Kathmandu, Nepal

Zeb Hogan, researcher and Monster Fish expert, to talk about big fish

University of Nevada, Reno College of Science’s Discover Science lecture May 7

NevadaTeach set to make significant impact on secondary STEM education

University cross-college collaboration, active student recruitment and support, compact and flexible degree plans, and early and intensive field teaching experience set this national UTeach program apart as the gold standard in secondary STEM education

Day at the Museum
Conglomeration of arts, sciences, history at University’s Day at the Museum

Consortium of 12 museums on and near the University of Nevada, Reno hosts May 2 event

Professor receives 2015 Bruce A. Bolt Medal at Seismological Society of America’s annual meeting

John Anderson recognized for work in the field of strong-motion earthquake research

keck museum
Tour the arts, sciences and history at University’s Day at the Museum May 2

Twelve museums connect for community event

Monster Fish expert Zeb Hogan to talk about big fish

University of Nevada, Reno College of Science’s Discover Science lecture May 7

Governor calls on University drought experts

As appointees to the Nevada Drought Forum, Doug Boyle and Mark Walker will help set the course to water sustainability for Nevada

University research informs public, agencies on drought response

From historic role to today’s rangeland, soil, forest, water and megadrought expertise, faculty members help Nevada, western U.S.

Toxicology and genetics laboratory finding success with the help of University graduates

Reno company provides cutting edge clinical toxicology and pharmacogenetics testing to health care providers across the nation

Monster fish, indicator of ecosystem health, face extinction crisis

A decade of discovery by College of Science researcher Zeb Hogan shows big fish disappearing

NOVA host, science fan David Pogue to give free public lecture

College of Science’s Discover Science lecture April 2

Raul Rojas
Robotics and intelligent systems math professor Raul Rojas joins College of Science

Sets his sights on cross-discipline and industry collaborations

Mackay Mine Design Team competes in international competition

College of Science team uses experience to look ahead toward next year’s event

River Giants
Monster Fish traveling exhibition debuts at National Geographic Museum in D.C.

Exhibit features work of College of Science's Zeb Hogan, star of Nat Geo WILD’s Monster Fish show

Mancini named Fellow of American Physical Society

Physics professor recognized by peers for contributions to plasma physics research and education

Scientists reveal global patterns of specialized feeding in insect herbivores

College of Science's Matt Forister authored important paper in leading science journal

Leader in molecular chemistry and designer molecules to give public lecture

College of Science Discover Science lecture Feb. 12 features Paul Wender

Earthquake Engineering Lab
Top 10 stories of 2014

2014: Earthquake Engineering's cool building, a student's triumph and renowned Shakespeare expertise

Funding sought for Tahoe fire camera system build out

College of Science's Nevada Seismological Lab seismic network does double duty as fire lookout system

New tutoring course in development at University

University and Washoe County School District partner to provide STEM tutoring for high school students

Geoff Blewitt receives top European science award in geodesy

College of Science professor studies wide range of topics based in earth science and physics

Earthquake swarm rumbles this week with 50 small quakes, largest magnitude 4.3

Nevada Seismological Laboratory continues to monitor ongoing activity in far northwest Nevada

andrei derevianko
Hiding in plain sight: elusive dark matter may be detected with GPS

In Nature Physics journal, Derevianko proposes to detect macroscopic imperfections in space-time

Professor receives Simons Fellow Award in theoretical physics

Andrei Derevianko recognized by Simons Foundation

tyler at antarctica
Climate change effects on Antarctic ice shelf monitored 24/7 with fiber optics

McMurdo ice shelf and sea water interface temperatures recorded for first time by University of Nevada, Reno researcher

National Science Foundation supports University networking event

Students engage with professionals for Statfest 2014

Study shows tectonic plates not rigid, deform horizontally in cooling process

University of Nevada, Reno and Rice University professors challenge old assumptions of tectonics

Northern Nevada businesses get fraud and cybercrime prevention tips in forum

Sen. Reid hosts national, state and local experts at event at University’s Lawlor Events Center

Secretary of Energy Moniz visits University of Nevada, Reno to talk geothermal

Students, faculty, industry leaders, agency reps participate in informal forum on geothermal in Nevada

Campus joins Great Nevada ShakeOut Thursday

560,000 Nevada participants, including the University, will practice Drop, Cover and Hold-on earthquake response

Nevada geologists host inaugural event for National Earth Science Week

Public invited to University’s first Discover Nevada open house at Great Basin Science and Sample Records Library in north Reno Oct. 15 and 16

Nevada geologists host interactive field trip in northern Nevada

Public invited to join a one-day excursion in the Carson City area for Earth Science Week

Mathematics comes to life in a musically entertaining evening of education

Award-winning professor David Kung featured in Discover Science Lecture Series.

Statisticians play “Moneyball” to accurately predict how weather impacts baseball

University of Nevada, Reno student and faculty member find temperature directly impacts Major League Baseball teams and how they perform at home, on the road and in different stadiums

New business director joins NAASIC, University’s autonomous systems innovation center

Lt. Col (ret) Warren Rapp hired to build industry collaborations, economic development

tahoe fire cams
University fire cameras activated at Tahoe, newest camera tracking smoke from King Fire

College of Science seismological network does double duty as fire lookout system

student union and knowledge center
University leaders applaud Tesla gigafactory decision

Colleges contributes to economic development through workforce development, research, and industry collaboration

Climate change puts endangered Devils Hole pupfish at risk of extinction

University and DRI research shows rare fish struggling to survive

350 freshmen take challenge of academic boot camp

NevadaFit expanded to all colleges to drive student success

tahoe research
Fire cameras activated, invasive species and nearshore work continues at Lake Tahoe

University and DRI continue important research work in many areas

Young students play at computer programming and 3D design in NCLab summer camp

Professor makes learning mathematics and logic fun for elementary, middle and high school students

summer of statistics
Award-winning summer statistics institute prepares students for graduate studies

New Math Department Chair Javier Rojo brings program to University

NevCAN monitoring station
Tracking socio-environmental systems of mountain areas topic of international meeting

University of Nevada, Reno chosen for first-of-its-kind scientific gathering

Assistant professor receives NIH grant to study genetic regulators of sleep

Alex Keene awarded more than $1.4 million dollars to study the link between sleep and metabolism

zeb hogan with payara
Zeb Hogan hosts new season of Nat Geo WILD’s popular series Monster Fish

College of Science researcher studies planet’s largest freshwater fish

mountain observatories
Mountain ecosystems scientists to convene at University July 16-19

International workshop to discuss socio-ecologic issues of mountain environments

Reno High Signing Day
They’re coming to the University of Nevada!

University recognized best-and-brightest scholars during sixth annual signing ceremonies

Making science fun for children

University's Science Partners Program joins with Washoe County School District

sierra nevada uplift
Research finds human impact may cause Sierra Nevada mountains to rise, increase seismicity of San Andreas Fault

College of Science researchers go to science conference in Vienna to present findings

Interdisciplinary graduate programs give University distinction

Offers academic buffet for tailoring degree program, contributes to student employability

Students get shaken up in earthquake simulator; trailer comes to University campus

University of Nevada, Reno’s Nevada Seismological Lab brings training and education trailer to area schools

Top-performing students honored as 2014 Senior Scholars

Colleges recognize students with top grade-point average at banquet May 14

University of Nevada, Reno honors 2014 Foundation Professors

Names of outstanding teaching, research honorees engraved in University’s granite pillars

Student engineering team wins top honors at Inaugural NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge

Team of students from Reno's Academy of Arts, Careers and Technology builds and races moon-rover vehicle in partnership with Fleischmann Planetarium

University undergraduate wins first place at international research conference

Kurtresha Worden succeeds with her memory research in a poster competition

Campaigns, cups and canoes

Students learn teamwork and gain real-life experience in collegiate competitions

Tamzen Stringham
University research informs public, agencies on drought response (2014)

Rangeland, soil, forest, water and megadrought expertise helps Nevada, western U.S.

VIP event for University’s College of Science first art exhibit

Proceeds from art auction support biology scholarships

David Zeh named vice provost for graduate education, dean of Graduate School

Department of Biology chair and past Faculty Senate chair brings research, teaching and administrative experience to new leadership role

Stevens, Jr., and Cline are SEC's March Employees of the Month

Both honorees cited for exemplary work

University’s College of Science debuts first art exhibit

Half of Nevada’s counties represented in 85 scenic photos available to public

Zeh named vice provost for graduate education and dean of Grad School

Former chair of Faculty Senate cited for impressive credentials

Robert Ballard, discoverer of Titanic wreckage, featured at University lecture

Ocean explorer final speaker in this year’s free public Discover Science Lecture Series

Terawatt Facility
Grad programs ranked among the nation’s best

University of Nevada, Reno earns four graduate school, 24 graduate program rankings

Business of Science Lecture features Charles River Exec Stephen Durham

Science integrated in business a cornerstone to innovative interdisciplinary lecture series

University alumna receives prestigious mathematics research fellowship

Deanna Needell will continue her studies on signal and image processing and compression

Brain awareness photo
University's 'Brain Awareness Week' features multitude of activities, March 11-13

Address by world's leading neuroscientist headlines a series of student- and campus-oriented events

Museum Fox
University’s Museum of Natural History opens March 5

New facility will offer science education and a look at historic collections of preserved plants and animals from the Great Basin and beyond

Javier Rojo joins College of Science as new Mathematics and Statistics Department chair

Distinguished scholar comes from Rice University in Houston, Texas

Geology student wins best in Basin and Range presentation at national conference

University graduate student’s research mapped out fault lines and geothermal areas of the Black Rock Desert

Public invited to showing of internationally acclaimed energy film

Q&A with local scientists to follow the film

Alan Krause, CEO of firm that designed new $5 billion Panama Canal, to lecture Thursday

Mackay School of Mines alumnus featured in public Discover Science Lecture Series talk

Nevada Seismological Lab reports swarm of 100 earthquakes near Virginia City, Reno

Several magnitude-3.2 quakes, no damage reported

Fifteen-student math team places second at Intermountain Math Competition

Team member Chris Salls places fifth overall in competition at BYU

Nevada Bureau of Geology and Mines director awarded fellowship

Jim Faulds recognized for work in tectonics and structural geology

Physics department offers free telescope viewing of new supernova

Experts on hand Friday night at observatory on Redfield Campus in south Reno

History of Nevada’s second oldest museum to be displayed at Keck Museum

The “Earthquakes, Chukars and Millionaires: The ‘Mackay Mines’ Story” exhibit will open Feb. 1

New Cyber Security Center to develop education, research, industry collaboration

Innovative multi-disciplinary approach to build new and existing programs

Alan Krause, CEO of firm that designed new Panama Canal to speak in Discover Science Lecture Series

Mackay School of Mines grad to talk on trade, technology and environment

Physics professor visits University to discuss education transformation

Noah Finkelstein will give lecture on improving student engagement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics classes

University poised to support selection of Nevada as UAV development center

University of Nevada, Reno partners with industry, state to enhance education, research and outreach in support of unmanned aerial system development

Professor receives international accolades for geological research

University of Nevada, Reno professor Stacia Gordon to discuss her research on partial melting at awards banquet in Vienna

University’s Keck Museum to exhibit Nevada’s moon rocks

Public invited to open house/unveiling Dec. 13 in historic Mackay School of Mines building

Great Basin natural resource issues and research to be discussed by agencies

University hosts annual Great Basin Consortium conference Dec. 9 and 10

Physicist Brian Greene brings “Why Science Matters” lecture to University

Best-selling author, NOVA science-show host featured in public Discover Science Lecture Series talk

David Leitner's paper in Chemical Physics chosen for 80th anniversary collection

Groundbreaking work in computational methods to locate signaling pathways in proteins featured

Fleischmann Planetarium celebrates 50 years

Science center continues its history of connecting the public to the University campus; offers $1 roll-back admission price now through Jan. 12

Goldcorp continues mining education support with $750,000 gift to University

Professor begins second year of teaching and mining ventilation research at University of Nevada, Reno

University hosts Earth Science Week Field Trip October 12 and 13

Participants can take part in earth science discovery hike to collect rocks and map local geology

Biology’s Baguley on team investigating Gulf of Mexico oil spill effects

Ecosystem could take decades to recover from Deepwater Horizon blowout and oil spill

Get ready to drop, cover and hold on for The Great Nevada ShakeOut

University faculty, staff and students will partake in earthquake drill at 10:17 a.m., Oct. 17

University’s new BioFit academic boot camp to help students succeed

48 biology, neuroscience students complete College of Science pilot project

Electrochemistry professor awarded $650,000 CAREER chemistry grant

University of Nevada, Reno’s Mario Alpuche, receives five year grant from National Science Foundation

Nevada researchers collaborate to preserve Lake Tahoe

University of Nevada, Reno conducts invasives, forest health and environmental monitoring research

Albright's research applicable to piecing together Tahoe's big picture

Geography professor brings broad scale data to Tahoe research

Professor Gupta's final exam: Passing grades for all

Foundation Professor Chaitan Gupta remembered for a brilliant life, teaching career

Profiles in Tahoe research: University graduates help bring Tahoe to the people

Will Richardson and Kirk Hardie, University graduates, advance wonders of Lake Tahoe through education

University leaders joined Nevada Governor in trade mission to Mexico

Mission supported University of Nevada, Reno’s efforts to connect state businesses with new opportunities

College of Science seismological lab tracks fires with multi-hazard camera network

New platform in works to monitor environment, multi-hazards for use by statewide emergency managers

Biology researcher receives sleep research grant

National Science Foundation grants Alex Keene $341,541 to study Mexican cavefish

Carson City earthquake swarm attracts attention of emergency managers

Nevada Seismological Lab and Nevada Department of Emergency Management send preparedness messages

Professor Franco Biondi awarded prestigious Fellowship to Harvard

College of Science forest researcher to study climate, environment over past centuries

First-year professor receives $465,000 National Science Foundation grant

University of Nevada, Reno’s Anne Leonard investigates specialization by bumble bees

$23 million research to study links between environment, water, solar energy

University of Nevada, Reno to build cyber infrastructure, workforce development related to NSHE-wide project

Justin Lopez named University of Nevada, Reno’s 2013 Herz Gold Medalist

Bishop Manogue Catholic High School graduate caps academic career

New method proposed for detecting gravitational waves from ends of universe

Physics department researcher proposes new approach to fill missing piece of Einstein’s theory

Biology student wins impressive undergraduate award, continues research as a graduate

Jade Keehn researches the effects of renewable energy on reptile communities

Chemistry's Young named April Employee of Month

Brock Young, whose work has gone well beyond the Chemistry stockroom, named SEC Employee of Month

Steven Strogatz, mathematician, radio show host, author to lecture April 4

Public invited to free lecture in Discover Science Lecture Series

Nerve regeneration research and therapy may get boost from new discovery

College of Science, School of Medicine neuroscience team publishes research results in Cell Reports publication

University of Nevada, Reno awards its first renewable energy certificate

Online program teaches professionals, government officials variety of renewable energy topics

Brain Awareness Week comes to Nevada, K-12 students get to touch human brain

Students in rural Nevada regions and Discovery Museum to participate in Brain Awareness Week events

Kids in Panama
Students bring inspiration to village

Funds, materials and motivation go a long way for SAIWI students in Panama

Michio Kaku, renowned physicist and TV science show host, comes to campus

College of Science's Discover Science Lecture Series features public lecture Feb. 7

EarthScope selects Graham Kent to participate in national lecture series

Seismo Lab leader to talk on novel methods for underwater paleoseismology

Nevada Seismological Lab used quake-monitoring network to track Sutter’s Mill meteorite

Ken Smith's work helped locate impact area quickly, accurately

Nevada Terawatt Facility explores plasma, powers up for industry collaborations

Largest university laser and pulsed-power accelerator combo in US studies plasma physics, fusion

Felten teaching
A faculty mentor who's twice as sweet

School of Journalism's Bob Felten honored not once, but twice, by Senior Scholars

Yellowstone Wolf Project director to speak Dec. 6

Renowned biologist to make appearance as part of Discover Science Lecture Series

Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology produces 2013 Nevada landscape calendar

The NBMG is selling a 15-month calendar including different geological themes in the state of Nevada.

Engineering grad students bring energy research into K-12 classrooms

Mechanical Engineering receives $1.2 million NSF grant for new science/engineering initiative

Nevada Welcomes First BS-DMD Student

Gifted pre-dentistry student Milan Montero makes her mark at Nevada

Biology lecturer internationally recognized for neuroscience education work

University’s Amy Altick wins award for Brain Awareness Week events

Nevada State Geologist wins geothermal award

The University's James Faulds wins Peer Review Excellence award for geothermal technology project

Robert Trivers to speak on deceit, self-deception as part of Discover Science Lecture Series

Renowned evolutionary biologist to make appearance Oct. 16 at 7 p.m.

College of Science's Frybarger is Oct. Employee of Month

Program Officer is named SEC Classified Employee of Month

Duck, cover and hold-on in “Great Nevada ShakeOut” earthquake drill 10/18 at 10:18

Series of 145 small quakes recorded by seismological lab in past week 10 miles from campus bring awareness to drill

Register now for “Great Nevada ShakeOut” public earthquake drill

College of Science seismological lab uses drill to help Nevadans learn, prepare for earthquakes

Bill Nye the Science Guy to bring his science to Lawlor Events Center Sept. 6

College of Science, ASUN team up to bring popular scientist-entertainer to campus

Alpine Fault study shows new evidence for regular magnitude 8 earthquakes

College of Science seismologist Glenn Biasi co-authors report with GNS Science in New Zealand

University’s National Geothermal Academy recognized for outstanding leadership

University of Nevada, Reno Academy snags spot as finalist in Geothermal Energy Association’s Honors awards

Doug Boyle
Geography Department's Douglas Boyle appointed new Nevada State Climatologist

Heads State Climate Office in College of Science public service department

Telescope viewing of Transit of Venus hosted at Redfield Campus observatory June 5

College of Science makes filtered telescopes available to public

University receives international award for web-based biology course

Fourth consecutive year University course has received the award

Goldwater Scholar awarded prestigious national fellowship

University of Nevada, Reno student Anna Koster awarded major awards for excellence in academics, research

Seismic Characterization and Offshore Seismic Research Project at San Onofre

University of Nevada, Reno and Scripps Institution of Oceanography to collaborate

Rapid Sierra Nevada uplift tracked by scientists at the University of Nevada, Reno

Nevada Geodetic Lab uses GPS and radar for most precise measurements over entire mountain range

Nevada research team first to show transgenerational effect of antibiotics

Greatly reduced sperm viability caused by tetracycline passes from father to son in pseudoscorpions

GPS technology developed at Nevada used for NASA quake monitoring test

Nevada Geodetic Lab operates largest GPS network processing system in world

Climate change scientist to debunk debunkers at free Discover Science Lecture Series

Noted author and scientist Naomi Oreskes to speak April 17

University promotes Brain Awareness Week; lets students, public touch human brains

School of Medicine interactive presentation travels to schools, libraries in Washoe County, Truckee

University hosts Science Olympiad for state’s middle and high school students

Young scientists compete for national tournament placement at state event on campus March 3

Tohoku grim reminder of potential for Pacific Northwest megaquake

College of Science geophysicist John Anderson presents study at science conference in Vancouver, B.C.

Renewable energy, public policy graduate certificate offered to professionals

Enrollment now open for new spring semester online courses

University using new tech to record Antarctic Ocean, ice temps

Climate change effects to be monitored continuously with new fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing

University renews renewable energy push

Center for Renewable Energy works to clear ideas, resources

Nevada scientists take the world’s temperature with $1 million grant

Tyler of geosciences to travel to Antarctica to measure ocean temperatures under McMurdo Ice Shelf

WISE Prospering in Fifth Year

Women in Science and Engineering program marks fifth year and largest class ever

astronomy complex at the University of Nevada, Reno
New astronomy complex at Redfield Campus unveiled

Two high-power telescopes and public viewing area featured for outreach and education

Tahoe native fish population falls sharply, invasives increase
Archeologist and Amazon expert Anna Roosevelt to lecture
Campus hosts STEM open house
Water expert Goldman to speak on world water crisis
Students enter international genetic engineering competition
Nevada earthquake information now more easily accessible
Science majors learn from and listen to the “Music of Earthquakes”
Understanding climate change through many disciplines
University and DRI release 2010 publication for Tahoe Summit
University tests technology for underwater mapping
The Color of Chemistry

NSF post-doctoral chemistry fellowship a rarity for special field

Studying climate change gets cool

Sudeep Chandra goes to the Siberian Arctic to study climate change

Science Fair director feels strong affinity for event
Professor challenges ‘Science’ on citation article
Adjunct professor receives science award
Nevada conducts algae-to-biofuel research project
Dolphins inspire nanotech work, earn researcher $400K
University awarded several major grants
Those living near volcanoes at risk for acute bronchitis
Science's Choice

Thompson helped the College of Science come into its own

Researcher's fish adventures on National Geographic
Youth take first step toward science career
Researchers awarded $15 million to study climate change
Finalists for College of Science dean announced
Fire Science Academy educator named top instructor
Associate director named to NASA research expedition
Daines and Brown head psychiatry operations
Ford placed 9th in the 2007 "Vans Cup at Tahoe," an international pro contest. Photo provided by Jes Ford.
Excelling with or without snow

On a snowboard or in the lab, Ford is head of her class

Magic marks Math and Science Center groundbreaking
Math and Science Center groundbreaking
Nevada second in Mars University Rover competition
Off-road and off the charts: rural math project completed
Conference to feature ‘science as a tool’
A sunrise over some red rocks in the Mojave Desert.
STEM professors draw inspiration from art

From photography to winemaking and illustration, professors in science and engineering combine passions for art with careers in STEM

AlertTahoe camera and tower install
Final AlertTahoe fire camera installation complete near Emerald Bay

Camera goes live on University of Nevada, Reno’s AlertWildfire website

Khmer man with giant catfish in the Tonle Sap River
Freshwater megafauna populations declining globally

First comprehensive global population study of giant freshwater fish, mammals, reptiles and amphibians shows sharp declines, highlighting the need for timely and targeted conservation efforts.

Faculty member and student in front of research-project poster
Ahmad Itani named associate vice president for research

His career studying and improving engineering of bridges now shifts to building connections to resources, opportunities, colleagues

Lake Tahoe
Mineral Monday field trip to Lake Tahoe

The College of Science favorite is back for a new season

Mackay statue on Quad
John Mackay expert is first speaker in Discover Science Lecture Series

Gregory Crouch is biographer of University of Nevada, Reno benefactor

Rick Kraus poses for a photo with his young daughter and wife on the stage at the PECASE awards ceremony
Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) awarded to alumnus Rick Kraus

Department of Physics alumnus Rick Kraus ('07) was awarded the PECASE for materials and planetary science research