Stevens, Jr., and Cline are SEC's March Employees of the Month

Both honorees cited for exemplary work

Stevens, Jr., and Cline are SEC's March Employees of the Month

Both honorees cited for exemplary work

Willie Stevens, Jr., shuttle bus driver in Parking and Transportation Services, and Wade Cline, development technician in the Department of Physics Machine Shop, have been named the Staff Employees Council (SEC) Classified Employees of the Month for March, the SEC announced.

Stevens, according to nominator John Kreiger, program officer in Parking and Transportation, "... is an outstanding employee. His communication with the public, including faculty, staff, and students is always calm and well thought-out. He keeps his supervisor well informed of any deviations from his normal work, and he clearly supports team goals."

Kreiger wrote in his nomination that Stevens has operated the campus shuttle bus from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays since 2010.

"Willie consistently goes out of his way to provide service to his fellow employees, faculty, staff, and students," Kreiger wrote. This extra effort includes, according to Kreiger, ensuring that single female students are safe inside their vehicles before leaving the parking lot. In addition, "To ensure their safety, Willie will go out of his way to escort a student directly to his/her vehicle," Kreiger wrote.  Stevens has also participated in ways to assist Parking and Transportation, including assisting mechanics in the replacement of hydraulic seals on the wheelchair lifts on the buses, and volunteering to attend a training session to learn how to operate the campus street sweeper truck.

Cline, according to nominator Carl Davison, development technician, is "... undoubtedly one of the University's most unrecognized treasures; he always goes the extra mile when it comes to the faculty, grad students, undergrad students and fellow employees of the University. It is really sometimes unbelievable the pieces and parts that he manufactures out of every conceivable material known to man."

Added nominator Marvin Wakefield, administrative assistant: "I have asked for his assistance on a number of small projects, and he always delivers what he has promised, demonstrating a high degree of personal integrity which is essential to promoting morale within the Department of Physics. As a non-technical observer, I have seen his work output that always meets the design criteria specified for fabrication specified by the Principal Investigators, who have told me he is their expert in creating the equipment they need to have for their experiments."

Bernhard Bach, director of undergraduate laboratories, said Cline's work has benefitted the undergraduate labs through "Wade's quick turnaround or creative solution to an unexpected problem ...  I have consistently witnessed Wade help 'put out fires' for instructors, students and researchers from other colleges, programs and departments."

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