Announcement | 3/25/2019

The Staff Employees' Council (SEC) is accepting nominations for the 2019 Distinguished Classified Employee of the Year and Wolf Cub of the Year awards. Forms are available on the SEC Forms Page; they should address all criteria and include real-life examples of the employee's success. For more information, contact Meghan Ezekiel at 775-682-7908 or Donna Healy at 775-682-7519.

Story | 3/25/2019

Margery McKnight Carr was the only woman and the third in history to have graduated from the Mackay School of Mines in 1951.

Story | 3/25/2019

Awards include the 2019 Distinguished Classified Employee of the Year and Wolf Cub of the Year

Story | 3/25/2019

One of five projects selected internationally as top outstanding engineering achievements in 2018

Story | 3/22/2019

Wolf Pack basketball's four-year odyssey into the national basketball consciousness has been remarkable

Story | 3/21/2019

Anne Leonard and Felicity Muth sit down to talk about their research, what's coming next and overcoming stereotypes

Story | 3/21/2019

This exhibit focuses on the issue of human-driven pollution within the Tahoe Basin and Truckee Meadows watershed

Story | 3/21/2019

Workshops offered ahead of compliance inspections for Nevada farms

Blog | 3/21/2019

Although gains are being made in the number of female doctors, there are still inherent and unique challenges females still face in the profession

Story | 3/19/2019

Cooperative Extension offers eight back-to-basics courses to be offered at 10 communities statewide

Story | 3/18/2019

Classes to teach landscaping skills and solutions to common landscape problems