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A curious collection: exploring the Museum of Natural History Row after row of green industrial cabinets line the back room of the Museum of Natural History at the University of Nevada, Reno. All types of taxidermy (some good, some more…experimental) are mounted on the walls and perched on any available counter space. Out front, delightful exhibits about Nevada plants, bugs and animals are on display beside cages of live beetles and reptiles placed at kid’s-eye-level. A large fish tank filled with White Sturgeon and baby Lahontan Cutthroat Trout bubbles in the corner. It’s a curious and eclectic space even before you start opening the drawers...
Hand holding a box of preserved blue eagle eggs above an open drawer filled with boxes of preserved eggs.
Nevada's monster fish Thought to be extinct, genetic testing by Associate Professor of Biology Mary Peacock led to the rediscovery of an iconic Nevada fish
Lahontan cutthroat trout
The great reveal Regional-scale lidar mapping provides novel insights into earthquake, flood and glacial history
Lidar map of Truckee River
Reconstructing landscapes Researchers reconstruct the relationship between changing sociopolitical conditions and their effect on the landscape.
Professor on boat.
Recovery of Central American frogs Frog study helps scientists understand disease outbreak and progression
Plan flying over fire.

AlertWildfire expands
The Seismo Lab's AlertWildfire mountaintop camera network slated for Sonoma County.

Read about the AlertWildfire
program expansion

Fly fishing on river

Fly fishing in Mongolia 

Researchers travel to Mongolia to study the world's largest trout.

Explore this research
in Mongolia

Two men watching volcano from afar.

Volcanoes in Kamchatka 

Active volcanoes lure College of Science geologist to remote Kamchatka.

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Group of students standing on mound of dirt.

Game of drones 

Hydrology grad students test the use of unmanned aircraft systems for research.

Read about the hydrology graduate program's drone research

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Discover Science Lecture Series The Discover Science Lecture Series was founded by the College of Science in 2010, with the goal of bringing the country's top scientists to the University to share their knowledge, research and wisdom with the community. Past speakers in the series include astrophysicists Michio Kaku and Neil deGrasse Tyson; Robert Ballard, who discovered the wreck of the Titanic; and Bill Nye the Science Guy.
Headshot of Neil deGrasse Tyson on a green background