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Police Services

University Police Services, a Fully Functional Law Enforcement Agency

Alerts/Emergency Info

Our number one goal is to ensure that our campus is a safe place to live, study and work. We strive for this ideal via a "Community Oriented Policing" philosophy, meaning our community always comes first.

One of the primary tenets of this philosophy is accountability. At the University of Nevada, Reno, we hold ourselves accountable at all times to each other, our superiors and our community.

Report a Crime

Report a crime

To file an anonymous report leave out your personal contact information or call Secret Witness at (775) 322-4900.


Police Services

University Police provides data reporting,  safety training, and performs security tasks for events on campus among other roles.

Safety and Training

Campus Safety

As a service to our campus community, Police Services offers a range of courses such as alcohol programs, rape defense and personal safety.

Contact Us

Police Services (250)

1664 N. Virginia Street

Reno, NV 89557

Phone (775) 784-4013

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