Victim advocate services

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We provide advocate services to people affected by harassment, assault, stalking, and other crimes. Our goal is to give you a voice and ensure you have the resources you need. If you would like our victim advocate to reach out to you, please complete our Victim Advocate Contact Form. You may also want to reach out to NevadaCARES for both on and off campus resources.

Services offered


  • Information about victim rights
  • Information regarding legal and investigation processes
  • Referrals to appropriate agencies for support, counseling and resources
  • Notifications of the criminal justice process (e.g., case status, arrests and court proceedings)


  • Compensation and return of personal property
  • Assistance in filing for the Victims of Crime program
  • Assistance in obtaining protection or restraining orders


  • Accompaniment to medical forensic exam and law enforcement interview
  • Personal advocacy
  • Reporting assistance

Some of the crimes we handle include:

  • Harassment and threats
  • Stalking
  • Sexual assault
  • Dating/domestic violence
  • Assault/battery
  • Homicides
  • Vehicle crashes
  • Theft

Victim Advocate Contact Form


Seek then Speak logo

SEEK THEN SPEAK offers sexual assault survivors and support people a way to privately gather information and explore options for medical care, supportive services, and reporting to police (SEEK). If they choose, survivors can then begin the process of reporting to police by completing a detailed, self-guided interview (SPEAK).

Stalking & Harassment Assessment and Risk Profile

While many threat assessments focus primarily on domestic violence, SHARP is a tool designed specifically to examine and assess stalking. SHARP is a 48-item web-based assessment which provides an assessment of the “big picture” of the stalking situation. It also provides a situational risk profile that consists of 14 factors associated with a wide variety of harms including physical or sexual attack, harm to others, ongoing and escalating stalking and harassment, and life sabotage.

SHARP is free to use and provides both a narrative of the stalking situation and the risk profile as well as information about stalking risks and safety suggestions.