Division of Student Services

The Division of Student Services is committed to our students and our community.

Our mission

The Division of Student Services exists to recruit, retain, and graduate students.

Our units and offices

Enrollment Services

Enrollment Services serves many of Nevada students' transactional needs including admissions, records and registration, graduation, financial aid and scholarships, transfer articulation, international student enrollment, first generation student services and more.

Student Life Services

Student Life Services supports the student and campus experience through programs ranging from residential life to cultural diversity and is committed to developing and maintaining a healthy learning environment for all students at the University.

Office of the Vice President of Student Services

Shannon Ellis was appointed Vice President for Student Services in 1998. Reporting directly to the President, Ellis serves as lead administrative officer and provides leadership for the Division of Student Services, which includes enrollment services and student life services.

A strategic vision for the future

Student Services aspires to make Nevada the best experience for students on their way to graduating from the University and contributing to their community.

Our commitment to inclusion

We must continue to strive for an inclusive community that embraces all its members, provides equality of opportunity for all and actively encourages all voices to be heard. Everyone must be welcomed and treated with dignity and respect, and every person's story must be honored. In doing so, our goal is to develop a diverse campus climate and promote a safe and hospitable environment that extends beyond a statement of good intentions and uplifting principles.

Contact us

Office of the Vice President of Student Services

Phone: (775) 784-6196
Email: hkemmelmeier@unr.edu

Enrollment Services

Phone: (775) 784-4700
Email: admissions@unr.edu

Student Life Services

Phone: (775) 784-1471
Email: studentlife@unr.edu