Assisting students with disabilities in higher education

The Disability Resource Center was created to meet the unique educational needs of undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities. 

The DRC is dedicated to providing a coordinated program of support services which are not furnished by other university offices or outside organizations. The DRC assists students in negotiating disability related barriers and strives to improve access and opportunity. This enables all levels of students with disabilities to become integrated into campus life, and become more successful undergraduate or graduate students while maximizing their independence. Our services are free of charge.

Services for students

Alternative testing services

Get information about our alternative testing services, including how to make a request for alternative testing.

Access the student portal

The Disability Resource Center's institutional charge is to serve students with disabilities, providing academic accommodations and access to an equitable learning environment.

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Peer mentor program

Our peer mentor program matches incoming students with upperclassmen and graduate students to help ease the transition to college. 

Resources for faculty

Teaching & Learning Technologies

Teaching & Learning Technologies provides support for faculty in aligning course materials with accessibility standards. 

Syllabus requirements

The Office of the Provost requires an up-to-date syllabus for each class. Learn more about the required information.

Accessibility policy

Access resources for creating accessible content and view the University's accessibility policy and procedures.

About the DRC

The purpose of the Disability Resource Center (DRC) is to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to participate in, contribute to, and benefit from all university programs.

Our goal is to act as a catalyst for the elimination of both attitudinal and architectural barriers that present themselves throughout the university community. The DRC directly supports students with disabilities in achieving their goals-strengthening a climate of campus diversity.

The DRC was created to meet the unique educational needs of undergraduate and graduate level students with disabilities. The staff at the DRC is available to provide these students with sensitive and individualized assistance at the student's request.