Caring for student well-being

The well-being and safety of each student are important to the university community at large. There are times when a student may experience difficulties in life. If the life experiences interfere with the students' ability to be successful, healthy, or safe, the student should be connected to campus resources for assistance.

Submit student intervention request
A view looking north on the University of Nevada, Reno Quad, a large lawn area surrounded by trees, walking paths. The Mackay School of Mines building is visible on the far north end of the photo.

What to do if you are concerned about a student

The Student Intervention Team is comprised of university employees who meet weekly to review reports about students of concern. The team holds conversations and discusses responses focused on guiding the student to appropriate campus support services. Learn more about equipping yourself to support a student who may be experiencing a life challenge. Please read the section on assisting students of concern and our frequently asked questions prior to submitting a student intervention request.

Submit student intervention request