Assisting students of concern


Helping students of concern

Invite the student to talk with you in a time and place which allows for privacy. You may need to indicate to the student that you are concerned as a rationale for the meeting.

Start by asking the student such as the following:

  • "How are you doing?"
  • "How are classes going?"

Share your observations and the fact that you are concerned about the student. State your concerns in direct, matter-of-fact statements. If the student minimizes or questions your concerns, be gently honest in pointing out the contrasts between the student's self-report and your observations (or reports from others).

If student acknowledges that issues are there, then the goal is to connect student with appropriate help. You may refer to our resources section and suggest resource as appropriate. If the student is reluctant to discuss issues and you have no immediate safety concern, suggest another meeting in a day or two.

If you believe you cannot allow the student to leave your presence without immediate risk of self-harm, tell the student. Then, call 911.