About the College

The College of Science unites disciplines in the pure and applied physical sciences, earth sciences, life sciences, and mathematics around the central tenets of the scientific method and logic to provide students with a solid framework of education and research.

We Value Scientific Curiosity and Ambition

We value scientific curiosity, discovery, and a bold quest for new knowledge. Sound scientific ethics, integrity, respect for colleagues and different forms of scholarship, and impartiality will be our guiding principles.

The college values the wise distribution of faculty positions, space, and other resources that reflects excellence in academic programs, success in obtaining extramural funding, research productivity, growth opportunities, and instructional demands.

We Foster the Development of High-Tech Skills

science grads

Graduates of the college will have a wealth of technical skills and problem solving abilities to prepare them for professional careers. The college's education, research, and outreach missions promote scientific and numerical literacy and create an awareness of the value of science in addressing society's problems and enhancing economic development.

The College of Science fosters synergies and interdisciplinary efforts to further the University's recognition as a premier institution of scientific education and research.

We Promote Scientific and Mathematical Literacy

The college embodies the proposition that science and mathematics are the primary source of the technological revolution transforming society in the 21st century. The College of Science will have a nucleus of specific strengths and will strive for excellence in all programs.