Six cutting-edge departments. Infinite opportunity.

The Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering enjoys a long and proud history at the University of Nevada, Reno which continues to shape the School's success today. Learn how your unique interests in science and engineering align with our degree programs and the lucrative careers in high demand in Nevada and around the world.

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Six cutting edge departments with Infinite opportunity. Learn about how science and engineering align with our degree program and the demand in Nevada.
Compilation of videos showing scientists and engineers conducting research across a range of disciplines related to the mining industry, including chemistry, technology, sustainability and more.

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An aerial view of the San Andreas fault, running diagonally across the image from the top left to the bottom right. Below the fault lie some mountains. The landscape is very brown.

Nature article proposes new way to identify faults that might pose earthquake risk

The researchers found geometric complexity of nearby faults could play a role in the risk of earthquakes

Three women smile for a photo, with the person in the middle holding a wooden plaque with a glass inscription on top.

College of Science 2024 awards

The College of Science student, faculty and staff awards include several University-wide awards and external awards

Glass awards with inscriptions lined up on a table.

Mackay School celebrates another year of excellence

The annual John W. Mackay Banquet took place on April 26