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Your Success is Our Only Goal

The Mackay School of Earth Science and Engineering has many student support services designed to ensure success from the start to finish of your experience with Mackay. Here you can find out about the School, academic advising, scholarships, and opportunities to get involved. When you are ready to explore internships and career opportunities, check out Mackay Career Services.

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Is Mackay for You?

Receive a personalized, hands-on educational experience; networking opportunities with industry; and jobs in exciting, rewarding fields that better our quality of life. How do I decide?

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Academic Advising

Advisors are also a great resource for answering questions regarding graduate school, career and internships options. More advising information

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Scholarships & Financial Aid

Due to close ties with industry and a generous network of alumni and friends, there are a number of School-specific scholarships. Learn more about Scholarships and Financial Aid

For more information contact us:
Elizabeth Ball, M.A.
Coordinator of Student Recruitment

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Student Activities and Clubs

Mackay offers a multitude of enriching options for students to be involved with research, faculty, clubs, competitions and outreach. Get involved at Mackay

Katia P. Albright, M.A., GCDF
Coordinator of Career Development

Support Mackay Student Services 

If you'd like more information on how to support the work of our Student Services team, please contact one of our Development Directors: Leigh at or Donna at

Funding for Mackay Student Services is provided by the generous support of Barrick.
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