Is Mackay right for you?

Are you interested in the Earth and protecting our environment? Or are the stars and planets calling your name? Do you want a career that plays an essential role in the day-to-day life of most people on the planet? If so, you just might like it here.

At the Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering, we believe classrooms don’t always have to have walls. The Sierra Nevada mountains and the sprawling Great Basin provide students with a vast outdoor laboratory. With a Mackay education, you receive hands-on experience in a wide range of work environments while interacting with natural resources, mining, construction and mineral industry leaders. Expand your opportunities by graduating with a set of skills that are in high demand in Nevada and around the world.

Mackay trains in high-paying professions where jobs are in high demand.

Meet Mallory

Mallory knew she wanted to study agriculture, but it was the type of agriculture she was interested in that drew her to the field of geography.

“When it comes to agriculture, it is all spatially relative. I think that it is important to know how the global food system works, where the small farmers fit in and how they influence the global system. Food is something that everyone, everywhere needs and geography is a fundamental part of that.”

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Meet Domenic

Domenic entered Mackay with an interest in volcanology. The more he learned about the Earth, the more he wanted to learn about how it worked.

Students pursuing a degree in geology get plenty of in-the-field experience, including a six-week field camp course spent out in the heart of the Basin-and-Range province in Nevada. It is comprehensive, real-world experiences like the geology field camp that both attract and graduate adventurous and driven students like Domenic.

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Meet Brian

Brian started off his education with the goal of becoming a doctor, but he traded in the sterile hospital environment for the great outdoors and a hard hat.

Mining and Metallurgical Engineers are in high demand. Students often receiving job offers before they even graduate with salaries near $100k. The Mackay Mining Engineering program is one of only 13 programs in the country. As is common for Mackay Mining Engineering graduates, Brian was offered a job as a Mine Engineer a year prior to his graduation and now works in Arizona.

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Top 10 benefits of a Mackay grad career

Top 10 benefits of a career in the minerals and earth science industries as defined by the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration

1. Post-graduate job satisfaction
2. Benefit to society
3. Challenging work
4. Opportunities for career advancement
5. Financially beneficial

6. Variety of work environments
7. Prestige
8. Variety of work experiences
9. Safe and professional work environment
10. Creative thinking