Energy Solutions Forum

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A montage of various scenes including earth from space, solar panels in a field, power lines during the evening, wind turbines spinning, a top-down view of trees, geothermal vents releasing gases, and someone charging an electric vehicle.

What is the Energy Solutions Forum?

The Energy Solutions Forum seminar series brings together leading researchers across disciplines in science and engineering to advance understanding of solutions-focused topics in climate and energy. Innovators in fields such as battery technology, clean energy alternatives, and carbon sequestration and recycling will give seminars to share knowledge with our University and local communities. A reception following each seminar provides the opportunity for continued dialogue and an exchange of knowledge to strengthen collaborations within and between scientific disciplines, all with the goal of saving our home planet, Earth. The Energy Solutions Forum is sponsored by the College of Science in partnership with the College of Engineering, with generous support from Mick Hitchcock.

Spring 2024 Speaker Lineup

Check out this semester's speakers! All talks take place from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Great Room at the Joe Crowley Student Union.

Spring 2024
March 6: Karen Goldberg
March 6: Karen Goldberg
Vagelos Professor of Energy Research, University of Pennsylvania
Spring 2024
April 3: T. Alan Hatton
April 3: T. Alan Hatton
Director of the Koch School of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Spring 2024
CANCELLED: Shirley Meng
CANCELLED: Shirley Meng
Professor of Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago

Register to attend seminars!

Calling all climate-conscious constituents! Interested in learning more about how you can contribute to science aimed at combatting climate change? Register to attend Energy Solutions Forum seminars held throughout the semester.

Past Energy Solutions Forum Speakers

Marc Nichol headshot

Marc Nichol

Nuclear Energy

Paul Voigt headshot

Paul Voigt

Battery Recycling

Johanna Haggstrom headshot

Johanna Haggstrom

A New Carbon Economy

Chris Field headshot

Chris Field

Exploring Opportunities

Christopher Jones in a lab

Christopher W. Jones

Carbon Dioxide Capture

Joey Luther

Joey Luther

Solar Photovoltaics Technologies

Jack Norbeck at geothermal site

Jack Norbeck

Geothermal Innovations

Yet-Ming Chiang headshot

Yet-Ming Chiang

Grid Scale Storage