University adds 13 new academic programs

New programs range from a minor in graphic design to a B.S. in biotechnology


9/20/2018 | By: Grace Pickard |

The University of Nevada, Reno has added 13 new majors and minors to the more than 145 Tier One degree programs offered to students. The new programs include a book and publication arts minor, physical anthropology minor and more. Below are some highlighted programs for students.

Book and publication arts minor

The Department of Art in the College of Liberal Arts has added a book and publication arts minor, in which students learn about contemporary artist's books through the history of the book and the heritage of the graphic arts. The minor integrates the artistic publishing and outreach projects of the Black Rock Press with the curriculum of the art department.

The Black Rock Press has been a part of the University for almost 50 years, Inge Bruggeman was hired 4 years ago as the Director of the Black Rock Press and as the Area Head of the book and publication arts program to build the curriculum for the minor. 

"The arts are critical to building a vibrant and strong culture," Bruggeman said, "The Book & Publication Arts program creates artists and humans in the community who are critical thinkers - who process the world around them, and they, in turn, become a reflection of that world. The students that study to become artists and professionals in this field become important and individual voices of their time."

With one foot in the past and the other in the future, the new studio art minor allows students to work with both traditional and contemporary image-making processes, bookmaking tools, historic presses and metal and wood type that is set by hand, alongside modern digital tools.

To learn more about the minor, visit the book and publication arts minor general catalog page.

Physical anthropology minor

The Department of Anthropology in the College of Liberal Arts has added a physical anthropology minor, which allows students to study human biological evolution and variation in past and present populations.

"The field can encompass a wide range of studies to include human evolution in deep time, primatology, genetics, human remains in archaeological settings and forensic anthropology - to name just a few," said Marin Pilloud, a physical anthropology assistant professor in the department.

Dental anthropology is a specialty within the minor in which students will study dental variation. Dental variation is used to determine members of modern and ancient populations. The variation in teeth can further reveal the age of the deceased, what they ate and how they compared with others in their region. These differences show the process of evolution.

"It is important in our understanding of human physiology, anatomy and variation in the past and present," Pilloud said. "This study is broadly relevant to medicine, primate conservation, ancient and modern diseases, senescence – and is applied in medicolegal investigations."

The diverse minor has been perfected over the past four years, "We are delighted to have the minor launched. We have many students who are fascinated by physical anthropology, and so we are happy to be able to serve our student interests," said Carolyn White, the department's chair.

To find out more, visit the physical anthropology minor general catalog page.

Check below for a complete list of new academic programs offered as of fall 2018:

College of Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Natural Resources

Agriculture, Nutrition and Veterinary Sciences

  • Animal and Rangeland Sciences, M.S. and Ph.D. 

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  • Biotechnology, B.S.

College of Education

  • Secondary Education, Minor
  • NevadaTeach Secondary Education and Mathematics, BA/BA in Ed
  • Secondary Education and English, B.A./B.A. in Ed.

College of Engineering

  • Manufacturing Quality Minor

Computer Science and Engineering

  • Big Data, Minor

College of Liberal Arts


  • Physical Anthropology, Minor


  • Book and Publication Arts Minor
  • Graphic Design Minor


  • English Dramatic Literature, Minor
  • Secondary Education and English, B.A./B.A. in Ed.

World Languages and Literatures

  • Middle Eastern Language and Civilization Minor

College of Science

Mathematics and Statistics Department

  • NevadaTeach Secondary Education and Mathematics, BA/BA in Ed

School of Community Health Sciences

  • BS/MPH Accelerated Program, Public Health

The recently approved Middle Eastern Language and Civilization minor has changed its name to the Arabic Language and Middle Eastern Cultures minor. Also renamed, the Women's Studies program has changed to the Gender, Race and Identity, B.A. and M.A.

The University's list of academic programs is continually growing, offering students more opportunities to discover their career goals. A new interdisciplinary arts degree, a major in musical theater, is in development. This major will allow students to study music, theater and art. For a complete list of academic programs offered by the University, visit the degrees and programs website.


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