Transforming STEM Education for all

NevadaTeach is a dual-degree program for undergraduate STEM majors at the University of Nevada, Reno. Students from a host of majors can add a degree in secondary education, without adding time or money to their plan. Most of our alumni teach science, mathematics, and agricultural science at the middle or high school level, while others enter graduate or medical school, go into research, or work in various industries. With NevadaTeach, the options are limitless.

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Students and mentor teacher in a science classroom

Benefits of NevadaTeach

  • Earn two degrees in four years!
  • Enjoy more career options after graduation
  • Direct access to experienced Master Teachers in science, mathematics, and agricultural science
  • Find out early if teaching is right for you with practicum experiences your first semester
  • Pass on your enthusiasm and knowledge of STEM to the next generation
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Benefits of teaching

  • You can receive $4,000 per year during your last two years of college to help pay for your education
  • You can receive up to $17,500 in student loan forgiveness for teaching after 5 years
  • You can enjoy a quality of life that is second only to medical doctors, while helping develop new, passionate, STEM-interested students
  • You will have freedom and flexibility in your teaching practice, and work with colleagues who challenge and help you improve
  • You will have benefits, such as free health insurance and retirement benefits far and above private sector benefits (usually at no cost to you)

News and Research

A man stands in front of a crowded room pointing to a screen with two bar graphs on it.

Discussions on making solar energy efficient and accessible at Energy Solutions Forum

NREL Senior Research Fellow Joey Luther studies new types of semiconductors and their properties

A father and daughter in the kitchen together, smiling and enjoying glasses of milk.

Lactose intolerant? | ¿Sufre de intolerancia a la lactosa?

This may put you at higher risk for some health conditions. | Es posible que esto lo pone en un mayor riesgo de sufrir de algunas condiciones de salud.

Sugar cubes.

What’s the difference between sugar and other sweeteners? | ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre el azúcar y otros endulzantes?

No matter what form of sugar you eat or drink, it’s still sugar. | No importa qué tipo de azúcar coma o beba, sigue siendo azúcar.

Bringing chemistry into K-12 classrooms

NevadaTeach student Kimberly Hernandez brings chemistry into the K-12 classrooms with the help of the Department of Chemistry. Why? Because science is fun!

The Chemistry Demonstration Series
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Ready to give teaching a try?

Enroll in NVTC 101: Step 1 and find out what teaching is all about. This one-credit course introduces learners to teaching science, mathematics and agricultural science. Learners are paired with a partner and a mentor teacher in a classroom to help support their experience. This is a fun and no-commitment way to try out teaching and see if it’s right for you. As a thank you, whether you decide to continue in the program or not, we offer a tuition reimbursement equal to the current in-state cost, as long as you pass the course with a C or better.

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Already an educator?

NevadaTeach places our students in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms for real-world experience. We are always looking for experienced, motivated educators to mentor our students at all levels. Visit Mentor Teachers for more information or email