NevadaTeach students

Curious about teaching?

Enroll in NVTC 101 and find out what it's all about. The very first course puts you and a teaching partner in a real classroom. You'll also receive a tuition rebate* just for taking NVTC 101.

Already an educator?

Check out 5E lesson plans, or find out how you can get involved with the NevadaTeach program.

Degrees and Certification

NevadaTeach allows you to complete a rigorous degree in any field and qualify to teach mathematics, science, or engineering at the middle or high school level.

Prospective NevadaTeach Students

NevadaTeach is designed to give students the opportunity to explore the teaching profession in a hands-on way. For more information, contact your adviser, call 775-682-8715, or email

Current NevadaTeach Students

Find information on NevadaTeach policies, early field experiences, and working on your portfolio here. You can also see photos of our students in local classrooms.

How Current Educators Can Get Involved

To help meet its goal of preparing highly qualified teachers in STEM fields, the NevadaTeach program relies on education professionals. Throughout the entire program, and culminating in the Apprentice Teaching semester, these co-educators graciously allow NevadaTeach students into their classrooms, providing significant feedback that helps our students grow and learn.

Check out our student-made promo video!

Want more information?

*Tuition rebate equal to the current in-state tuition cost for one credit hour.

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