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What will I learn in a NevadaTeach geology degree program?

Students who complete this NevadaTeach program will earn two degrees: the Bachelor of Science in Education/Secondary Education and the Bachelor of Science in Geology. This program provides students with a foundational background in geology. Students who successfully complete the program are prepared to teach in secondary education, graduate school, or an immediate career in a STEM field.

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Areas of emphasis in the NevadaTeach program

  • NevadaTeach minor

    The minor in NevadaTeach is designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore teaching at the secondary level as a career option while simultaneously completing a major in their chosen STEM content area. After completion of the credits designated for the minor, students must decide whether or not they want to continue in the NevadaTeach program to complete the major, and therefore, will not seek a license to teach at the 7th - 12th grade levels.

  • Special Education minor

    The Special Education minor is offered to undergraduates majoring in Secondary Education and/or pursuing a teaching license in secondary education, or as additional credits upon completion of the requirements for an undergraduate degree in an established discipline. The courses in the Special Education minor are required for the Nevada Special Education Generalist Teaching License.

  • Post-baccalaureate program in secondary education

    The Post Baccalaureate Program in Secondary Education Teacher Licensure enables students who have completed an undergraduate degree in a field other than education to become licensed to teach in Nevada. Before applying to the Post Baccalaureate Program in Secondary Education Teacher Licensure, students should consult the Secondary Masters First-Time Licensure manual to determine which option is most appropriate. Some or all of the graduate credits earned in the Post Baccalaureate Program in Secondary Education Teacher Licensure may be transferred into a Secondary M.Ed. Program should the student decide to apply to such a program at a later date.

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