Apply to the University of Nevada, Reno

Apply to the University of Nevada, Reno

Apply today to help us power the next generation of knowledge-building, exploration, innovation and discovery. Learn more about how to apply as an undergraduate, graduate or School of Medicine candidate below.


Apply as an undergraduate student

Use the following steps to submit an application for admission as a first-year freshman, transfer student, international undergraduate student, non-degree student, certificate-seeking student, second bachelor's student and for graduate special admission.

  • STEP ONE: Create an online application account

    Here, you will use our application portal to create your application account. After entering your first and last name, email address and birthdate, you will receive an automatic email with a temporary registration PIN. After receiving your PIN, you'll complete the registration process that allows you to access your online application for admission.

    Create your application account

  • STEP TWO: Create your online application for admission

    Next, you'll be guided through your online application specific to your student type, including the following:

    • New first-year students
    • Transfer students
    • International undergraduate students
    • Nondegree students
    • 2nd bachelor's degree students
    • Certificate students
    • Graduate special students

    *Returning students must complete a returning student application for readmission to the University.

  • STEP THREE: Pay your application fee

    You must pay a $60 non-refundable application fee ($95 for international student applicants) as you complete your online application. The application fee is only valid during the semester in which you apply and cannot be deferred or transferred to another semester.

  • STEP FOUR: Submit your online application for admission

    After you've completed the various parts of the application (e.g., biographical information, high school education, declaration of major, etc.) and paid your application fee, you can finalize, certify and submit your application for admission.

  • STEP FIVE: Create your MyNEVADA account

    After applying, you need to create a MyNEVADA account. This account provides access to your student application dashboard, allows you to check your application status and accept or deny admission (if offered), review your fees, make payments and more.

    Activate your MyNEVADA account

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Apply to The Graduate School

The University of Nevada, Reno ranks among the top national universities in research and development. Are you ready to work alongside with nationally and internationally known researchers and faculty? Apply to The Graduate School today.

Apply to the Graduate School

Apply as grad special


Apply to the School of Medicine

Making the decision to apply to medical school can be a time fraught with excitement and anxiety. However, we are here to help you achieve your goal of becoming a physician. Our admission staff at the School of Medicine is dedicated to ensuring you receive assistance during every step of the process.