Required employee education: Preventing harassment and discrimination with Title IX/Clery training module

The University is transitioning its provider for mandatory Title IX/Clery training for all employees. The current system EVERFI, which is used to publish the, “Preventing Harassment and Discrimination with Title IX/Clery Module” training, is migrating to a new vendor, Vector. This will take place in December. If you have completed your “Preventing Harassment and Discrimination with Title IX/Clery Module” in 2022 and received your certificate of completion you will not need to take any action. If this training is not completed or “still in progress” your progress with be lost on December 1, 2022 and you will need to retake the training in Vector. Please check your EVERFI Portal below to make sure you have completed any training that is “still in progress” and print or save your completion certificates

Vector, the University's new training portal, will send out email notices with a link to the required training for all employees. Vector will use the NSHE Single Sign On system to verify the user before proceeding to the training.

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Core functions of EO/TIX Office


EO/TIX does not advocate on behalf of any party. When we receive a complaint of sexual harassment, sexual violence, or of unlawful discrimination or retaliation, we act as an independent fact-finder. When an investigation is requested, EO/TIX will conduct a fair and impartial investigation regarding submitted allegations focused on the information available. EO/TIX works to protect the confidentiality of all investigations to the extent possible, however, this may be limited by necessity to ensure a thorough investigation, and by the law. During the investigation, the investigator will gather all relevant available information and evidence including party and witness statements, relevant documentation, electronic evidence or other evidence related to the allegations (e.g., text messages, photos, phone records, etc.).  Information obtained through an investigation will only be shared with those who have a legitimate business need to know.  EO/TIX reviews available information utilizing a preponderance of the evidence standard.  While the actual process for a specific case may vary depending on the allegations, and various circumstances (e.g., jurisdiction, complaining parties’ desires, etc.) complaints are generally processed as indicated in the flowchart below.

Prevention and compliance

EO/TIX provides training and various workshops for students, employees, and campus organizations related to the prevention of sexual misconduct, discrimination, and harassment.  Our office also offers training on Consent, Relationships, the Role of a Responsible Employee, DACA and Undocumented Rights and Resources, and Recognizing and Utilizing Privilege to Effect Positive Change.   Programs are free and can be tailored for specific groups. Faculty and staff can even schedule specialized trainings in lieu of otherwise canceling classes.  Schedule a workshop or training by contacting our office or contact one of the many offices on campus that offer related programming so that everyone knows what they can do to be part of the solution as we work to eradicate sexual violence, harassment, and discrimination from our campus. 


The University of Nevada Reno is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and supportive campus culture.  To this end, the Equal Opportunity and Title IX office serves as a resource and leader in furthering the University’s commitment to equity and diversity working to promote equal opportunity for all members of the Wolf Pack Community.   Through educational programming, policy review, and collaborative campus initiatives, EO/TIX helps to ensure the university’s compliance with all applicable civil rights legislation. EO/TIX offers options and resources to individuals affected by these issues. These resources vary depending on circumstances.  When requested and reasonably available, EO/TIX can assist in obtaining interim measures and resources.  These resources may include, but are not limited to No Contact Directives, Scheduling assistance, Escorts, and modifications of living, dining, academic, and employment arrangements.  These resources are available to all involved parties and will be confidential to the extent that such confidentiality will not impair the effectiveness of the implemented resource.  Contact our office for more information.  

In addition to the resources provided through the Equal Opportunity and Title IX office, a variety of resources are available to any member of the Wolf Pack community who has been affected by sexual violence, harassment, or discrimination and needs additional support.  The University’s many resources are available to provide both immediate and long-term support and guidance. These entities focus on providing you with the help and support you need.  You may find it useful to ask about confidentiality and privilege at the start of your conversation to fully understand any reporting obligations.  Resources designated as “confidential” will not report any information to the Equal Opportunity and Title IX Office.  These conversations are kept strictly confidential and, except in extreme, rare circumstances, will not be shared with anyone without your explicit permission.

Remember:  Regardless of when or where an incident occurred, help is still available. Resources are available even if you choose not to file a formal complaint with the University or with law enforcement.