Meet the Title IX team

Title IX Coordinator, Zeva R Edmondson

Director, Office of Equal Opportunity 
Title IX Coordinator
University of Nevada, Reno
1664 N. Virginia Street
Continuing Ed Building, Room 206, m/s 158
Reno, Nevada 89557-0158

Phone: (775) 784-1547
Fax: (775) 784-1972

The Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators are charged with leading campus wide compliance and programming initiatives through strategic oversight.  They provide direction and guidance on nondiscrimination and Title IX priorities, recommendations for action, and implementation and oversight of institutional policies, practices, and processes. They work to create a campus environment that results in student success, employee advancement and access to opportunities based on individual merit, ability, and potential without fear of discrimination. 

Title IX specialists & investigators

Title IX specialists and investigators are charged with investigating and resolving matters involving sexual violence, sexual harassment, stalking, relationship violence, and discrimination on the basis of a protected class. They also assist with providing Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention (SHAPE) and Anti-Discrimination Education (ADE) Training to the campus community.

Stephanie Augdahl

Phone: (775) 784-1547

Amanda M Gormley

Phone: (775) 784-1547

Lizbeth Torres

Phone: (775) 784-1547

Melissa N Whitsell

Phone: (775) 784-1547

About the Title IX team

The extended University of Nevada, Reno Title IX Team is an interdepartmental team consisting of individuals at the University who have completed the necessary training to assist in the Title IX process as advisors, hearing panel members, hearing officers, decision makers and appellate officers.

All members of the Title IX Team serve impartially and without conflict of interest or bias for or against complainants or respondents generally or an individual complainant or respondent.  If you have a concern about conflict of interest or bias, please contact the Title IX Coordinator at

Title IX team training

All members of the Title IX Team receive training on the NSHE and University Policy Against Unlawful Discrimination and Harassment as well as on various specific subjects as required by federal law.  Specifically, the University's Title IX Team’s training includes, but is not limited to:

Training on Title IX’s definition of Sexual Harassment, the scope of the University’s education program or activity, how to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation, how to serve impartially, including by avoiding prejudgment of the facts at issue, how to avoid Conflicts of Interest and Bias, how to Recognize and Reduce Implicit Biases, how to conduct a hearing or other administration

More information on the training can be accessed through the “Title IX Team Training Materials” section below.