Mineral Monday: field trip to Fly Ranch

Explore this incredible geological site and hear the Burning Man Organization's plans for the property in this special field trip edition of Mineral Monday.

Fly Geyser, pictured here, is the most famous of the three geysers at Fly Ranch. Learn more about Fly Geyser's formation by watching this week's episode of Mineral Monday.


8/27/2018 | By: Jennifer Sande |

Mineral Monday is back for season two and Keck Museum Curator Garrett Barmore has taken the show on the road for the first ever field trip edition of Mineral Monday! In this episode, explore the beauty of Fly Ranch out near Nevada's Black Rock Desert. Recently purchased by the Burning Man Organization, this stunning geological site has three unique geysers including the famous Fly Geyser, hot and cold springs, and a diverse population of desert plants and animals. Watch this episode to Learn about the Burning Man Organization's plans for the property, the formation of geysers, and much more!

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Fly Ranch

The Burning Man Organization purchased the privately owned Fly Ranch in 2016 and has since launched a plan of conservation and community outreach. Zac Cirivello, Community & Operations Manager at Fly Ranch, met with Garrett Barmore to discuss some of the projects that have been set in motion since the purchase.

The Wizard, Geyser at Fly Ranch

Visible across the hot spring is the second manmade geyser at Fly Ranch. This geyser, nicknamed 'the wizard', began its formation in the late 1970s.

Natural Geyser, Fly Ranch

Pictured here is the smallest geyser of the three geysers found at Fly Ranch. It is also the only naturally formed geyser on the property.

Hot spring at Fly Ranch

Numerous cold and hot springs can be found scattered across the 3,800 acres that make up Fly Ranch. The hot spring pictured here sits between Fly Geyser and The Wizard.

Visit Fly Ranch

Fly Ranch is currently open to visitors for guided walking tours offered by the conservation group Friends of Black Rock High Rock. The Burning Man Organization asks tour participants to experience the beauty of the property tech/smartphone/camera-free. Tours are free of charge, but visitors must sign up in advance for one of two daily tour times on either the Burning Man Organization's Fly Ranch website or the Friends of Black Rock High Rock website.

Sign up for a guided tour of Fly Ranch

More about the Keck Museum and Mineral Monday

Located in the Mackay School of Mines building at the University of Nevada, Reno, the W.M. Keck Earth Science and Mineral Engineering Museum is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and the first Saturday of the month from 12 p.m. - 4 p.m.

The Keck Museum houses an outstanding collection of minerals, ores, fossil specimens, and photographs, in addition to mining related relics. The museum is also home to some of the spectacular Mackay Silver Collection, created by Tiffany & Co., for John Mackay and completed in 1878.

For directions and museum details, visit unr.edu/keck

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