Regents, University and College-level awards highlight College of Science achievements

Award recipients

Regents, University and College-level awards highlight College of Science achievements

Award recipients

The College of Science celebrates a long list of faculty, staff and students honored with a range of accolades, awards and promotions in the 2021-2022 academic year. These achievements showcase the high level of research, teaching, and outreach in the College. In addition to thirteen College awards, the event celebrated six faculty appointed to named professorships, fourteen Westfall Scholars and their faculty mentors, seven faculty and staff retirements, five outgoing department chairs and five incoming department chairs, and several University, Foundation, and Regents awardees. Interim Dean of the College of Science Katherine McCall presented the awards. 

“Each year I am inspired by the accomplishments of our faculty, staff and students in the College of Science,” McCall said. “I am especially impressed by those in our community who commit time and energy to public service and outreach while pursuing challenging degrees, developing international research reputations, and/or advancing teaching excellence.”

The following are the 2021-2022 academic year accolades received by College faculty, staff and students

Regents and University awards

College Awards

  • Department Generosity Award (2021): Geography - 76%
  • McMinn Research Professorship in Science: Jamie Voyles-Ensor
  • McMinn Research Professorship in Science: Ilia Zaliapin
  • Gibson Professorship in Science: Raul Rojas-Gonzalez
  • Clemons-Magee Professorship in Physics: Thomas White
  • Hyung K. Shin Award for Excellence in Research: Jing-Jing Huang
  • Mousel-Feltner Award for Excellence in Research: Sudeep Chandra
  • Outstanding Classified Staff Award: Roxanne Piskel
  • Outstanding Graduate Assistant: Valentina Alaasam, EECB Ph.D.
  • Outstanding Graduate Assistant: Chris Halsch, EECB Ph.D.
  • Outstanding Graduate Assistant: Alexia Spoon, Math M.S.
  • Outstanding Postdoctoral Scholar: Daniel Joyce, Psychology
  • Berninsone Award for Outstanding Service: Joel Scheingross
  • LeMay Award for Excellence in Teaching: Suzanne Welcome
  • Durham Scholar, Kennedy Sparling: Neuroscience
  • Senior Scholar - College of Science: Justin Malogan, Neuroscience
  • Senior Scholar - Honors College: Jessica Camelon, Microbiology and Immunology

Mackay Special Awards

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  • Vernon E. Scheid Award: Nate Crummett
  • Bordon C. Frisby Award: Milad Ghahramanieisalou
  • The Watchman Award: Luis Becerra

Department Chairs, Incoming, Outgoing

  • Biology Department Chair: Sander Van der Linden, Jack Hayes
  • Geography Chair: Adam Csank, Douglas Boyle
  • Geological Sciences & Engineering Chair: Paula Noble, Wendy Calvin
  • Mining & Metallurgical Engineering Chair: Javad Sattarvand, Manoj Mohanty
  • Physics Department Chair: Joshua Williams, Paul Neill

Westfall Scholars, Spring 2022, Department, Mentor

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  • Pouyan Mofidi Nasab, Biology, Jeff Baguley
  • Elena Sretenovic, Biology, Elena Pravosudova
  • Anthony Viola, Biology, Jesse Krause
  • Kyle Griffin, Chemistry, Krisztina Voronova
  • Andrea Gonzalez, Geography, Jesse Clark
  • Nate Crummett, Geological Sci & Eng, William Hammond
  • Morgan Cartledge, Math & Stat, Pavel Soin
  • Jessica Camelon, Microbiol & Immunology, Deanna Colton
  • Luis Becerra, Mining and Met Eng, Eniko Kocsis
  • Justin Malogan, Neuroscience, Elena Pravosudova
  • Kennedy Sparling, Neuroscience, Elena Pravosudova
  • Jacob Molina, Physics, Thomas White
  • Gretchen Wulfekuhle, Psychology, Edward Ester
  • Bailey Coleman, Psychology, Genevieve DeBernardis

Westfall Scholars, Fall 2021, Department, Mentor

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  • Henry Tang, Biology, Elena Pravosudova
  • Julia Davidson, Chemistry, Ying Yang
  • Andrew Azar, Geography, Scott Kelley
  • Blake Shane, Geological Sci & Eng, Robert Watters
  • Tanner Miller, Math & Stat, Joshua Williams
  • Madelyn Norberg, Microbiol & Immunology, Jennifer Hollander
  • Casey Crawford, Neuroscience, Michael Crognale
  • Daniel Tooker, Physics, Vern Davis
  • Megan Lovell, Psychology, Brittany Avila

Academic Tenure and Promotion

  • Behrooz Abbasi, Associate Professor
  • Christopher Barile, Associate Professor
  • Adam Csank, Associate Professor
  • Paul Hurtado, Associate Professor
  • Kenneth Nussear, Associate Professor
  • Samuel Odoh, Associate Professor
  • Jenny Ouyang, Associate Professor
  • Phillip Ruprecht, Associate Professor
  • Deena Schmidt, Associate Professor
  • Thomas White, Associate Professor
  • Yueran Yang, Associate Professor
  • Andrew Zuza, Associate Professor

Academic Tenure

  • Bridget Ayling, Associate Professor

Academic Promotion

  • Jeffrey Baguley, Teaching Professor
  • Marian Berryhill, Professor
  • Gideon Caplovitz, Professor
  • Jennifer Hollander, Teaching Professor
  • Adrienne Peterson, Senior Lecturer
  • Yftah Tal-Gan, Professor
  • Mariann Weierich, Professor

Administrative Promotion

  • Joel DesOrmeau, Manager, Geosciences Instrumentation Facilities
  • Steve Calhoun, Director, Advising, Recruitment and Retention
  • Taylor Diamond, Coordinator, Recruitment
  • Heidi Eskew, Manager, Research Grants
  • Corey Gucker, Coordinator, Great Basin Fire Science Exchange
  • Jennifer Kent, Coordinator, Marketing Communications
  • Rachel Micander, Specialist, Geologic Information
  • Genie Montblanc, Manager, Great Basin Fire Science Exchange
  • Emily O'Dean, Manager, Geoscience Data & Great Basin Science Sample & Records Library

Emeriti Faculty

  • Linda Hayes, Psychology
  • Scott Mensing, Geography
  • David Zeh, Biology, Graduate School
  • Jeanne Zeh, Biology

Staff Retirement

  • Melissa Bell, College of Science
  • Lou Christianson, Biology
  • Eric Williams, Nevada Seismological Laboratory
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