Named faculty

The best way to support our faculty is to give them a name.

The hallmark of a great university is its faculty. Teaching, researching, innovating, mentoring, and publishing, our faculty underpin every aspect of college life. Named faculty positions are one the best ways to broaden their impact. Similar to Cambridge University’s Lucasian Chair (established in 1668 by Henry Lucas and held by groundbreaking scientists such as Sir Issac Newton and more recently Stephen Hawking), the impact of these positions can literally unfold across centuries, benefiting generations of faculty and their students and enabling a donor to create a legacy of generosity and vision.

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Susan Magee and Gary Clemons Professor of Chemistry

Seneca C. and Mary B. Weeks Chair in Mathematics

Fred D. Gibson, Jr. Endowed Professor of Geography

Trevor J. McMinn Research Professor of Biology


Why we gave our name

Whether building a legacy, a workforce or a bright future for our students, donors give their name for many reasons.

"Way down the line, 100 years from now, it is nice to know that College of Science students will benefit from something small that we have done."

Mike and Barbara Heffner established the Michael and Barbara Heffner Endowed Professorship in Science as a planned gift.

"We're only going to get those earth scientists that we need if the University has the capacity to provide them to us."

Former CEO of Goldcorp, Chuck Jeannes established the Goldcorp Chair for Minerals Engineering.

Distinguished faculty in named positions at the College of Science

Below are the best of the best – the faculty who are leading in their fields, producing cutting-edge research and inspiring countless students in the pursuit of their educations and careers in STEM.

Portrait of Ana de Bettencourt Dias

Ana de Bettencourt Dias

Susan Magee and Gary Clemons Professor of Chemistry

Portrait of Wendy Calvin

Wendy Calvin

Daniel A. and Edith E. O’Keefe Professor for the Mackay School

Portrait of Pengbo Chu

Pengbo Chu

Nevada Gold Mines Professor

Portrait of Andrei Derevianko

Andrei Derevianko

Sara Louise Hartman Professor in Physics

Portrait of Jamie Voyles-Ensor

Jamie Voyles-Ensor

Trevor J. McMinn Research Professor in Biology

Portrait of David M. Leitner

David M. Leitner

Reynold Clayton Fuson Professor in Chemistry

Portrait of Robert Mancini

Roberto Mancini

Trevor J. McMinn Professor of Physics

Portrait of Scott McCoy

Scott McCoy

Peter Vardy Endowed Professorship in Engineering Geology

Portrait of Raul Rojas-Gonzalez

Raul Rojas-Gonzalez

Fred D. Gibson, Jr. Professor in Science

Portrait of Manoj Mohanty

Manoj Mohanty

Newmont Endowed Professor

Portrait of John Muntean

John Muntean

Arthur Brant Chair in Exploration Geology

Portrait of Paul Neill

Paul Neill

Susan Magee and Gary Clemons Professor of Physics

Portrait of Thomas White

Thomas White

Clemons-Magee Professorship in Physics

Portrait of Carl Nesbitt

Carl Nesbitt

Goldcorp Endowed Chair in Minerals Engineering

Portrait of Javad Sattarvand

Javad Sattarvand

Kinross Term Professor in Mining Engineering

Portrait of Tin Yau Tam

Tin-Yau Tam

Seneca C. and Mary B. Weeks Chair in Mathematics

Portrait of Ehsan Vahidi

Ehsan Vahidi

John N. Butler Professor in Extractive Metallurgy

Portrait of Mariann Weierich

Mariann Weierich

James K. and Lois Merritt Mikawa Distinguished Professor of Psychology

Portrait of Jonathan Weinstein

Jonathan Weinstein

JT Professor in Physics

We need your name here

The following are areas where the College of Science hopes to see growth. By naming one of the following positions, a donor will provide the related programs with the opportunity to bring in exceptional talent, honor and retain current leading faculty and a promise of growth and support in perpetuity.

Dining chair on a black background.

Endowed Chair in Behavioral Analysis

Since its inception in 1992, the Behavior Analysis program quickly became nationally recognized, leading in the areas of autism treatment, animal behavior, complex human behavior and so much more. The Endowed Chair in Behavioral Analysis would help the program continue its legacy of advancement and profound care for the future of humanity.

Dining chair on a black background.

Endowed Professorship in Conservation Biology

From Mongolia to Central America, Lake Tahoe to the desert landscape of the Great Basin, use your name to leave a lasting impact on our Mother Earth. Our faculty are active in local conservation efforts in the Great Basin and Sierra Nevada as well as worldwide management responses to global change. 

Dining chair on a black background.

Endowed Professorship in Statistical Data Science

This position would not only provide much-needed support to the largest department at the University. It would keep students like alumna Kyra Morgan applying to the program and would help the Seneca C. and Mary B. Weeks Chair in Mathematics Tin-Yau Tam continue his efforts to grow the department even bigger.

We need your name here.