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What's the most significant impact you can have at the College of Science?

What impact can you make at the College of Science?
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From honoring leading faculty with named professorships to building a new lab or funding a research center, named endowments are the best way to support the growth of our College, now and forever into the future. Explore the many ways your name can have a lasting impact.

"I don't think the O'Keefe's could have anticipated that their generous gift would have such an impact in terms of research that is literally off this world."

Wendy Calvin, the Daniel A. and Edith E.
O'Keefe Professor for the Mackay School
and planetary scientist

"Having a donor on board — it would truly be a partner in solidifying this collection and keeping it safe forever."

Beth Leger, Foundation Professor and Director of the Museum of Natural History

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Everything has its place, and every place has a name.

From the buildings on campus that serve as the physical centers of our students' academic experience to the research groups and labs that make an impact around the world, the places, spaces and organizations at the College of Science serve as the foundation for academic prowess and growth. The donors who choose to name these pillars of college life help build that foundation even stronger.

To the Director of the Museum of Natural History Elizabeth Leger, a name for the Museum means having a partner in her pursuit to safeguard the collection of irreplaceable treasures.

Explore named places, spaces and organizations

“Leading the John Mackay Club and being a representative for Mackay at Nevada Bounds greatly benefitted my career, rather than working at a minimum wage job trying to cover my tuition."

Brian Huynh, Mining Engineering '17, recipient of the Hatch Scholarship and the Watchman Award

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Explore the many ways your name can have an impact

There are unending opportunities to use your name to support our faculty, students and continued growth in the College of Science.