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Helicoprion fossil on display

Mineral Monday: Helicoprion Fossil

This week's specimen illustrates a unique feature of this ancient shark species.

Mining student working on VOD

Mackay School of Mines dedicates mine ventilation lab to Newmont Mining

Recent donations from Newmont advances mining education at the University of Nevada, Reno

mt lincoln weather station

Sierra mountaintop laboratory keeps track of some of the worst weather in the country

Sugar Bowl Resort, University partner to study regional weather, climate and water impacts for California and Nevada

Tektites on display

Mineral Monday: Tektites

Learn about the mysterious tektites for this week's episode of Mineral Monday.

Fish and Wildlife Services measures Lahontan cutthroat

Lahontan cutthroat trout species thought to be extinct rediscovered in Utah Creek

University’s Mary Peacock publishes research on recovering Nevada’s local monster fish

Mackay Silver on display

Mineral Monday: Mackay Silver

The Mary Louise and John Mackay Silver Collection showcases about 58 ornately designed silver service pieces, and is one of the Keck Museum's more famous collections.

Wakabayashilite on display

Mineral Monday: Wakabayashilite

Wakabayashilite is one of the rarest minerals in the Keck Museum's collection.

Fleischmann Planetarium among the trees

Tour nine interactive museums at ‘Day at the Museum’ May 5

Community welcome to attend family-fun event at the University of Nevada, Reno

Mick Hitchcock

Biochemist and developer of groundbreaking anti-viral drugs to speak at the College of Science

Mick Hitchcock will speak April 5 at 7 p.m. as part of the Discover Science Lecture Series

Wulfenite on display

Mineral Monday: Wulfenite

Learn about this yellow tabular mineral called wulfenite on this week's episode of Mineral Monday.

Davidson Mathematics and Science Building

Mick Hitchcock closes out Discover Science Lecture Series April 5

Hitchcock is a University of Nevada, Reno trustee and bio-pharmaceutical researcher revolutionizing HIV treatment

Mastodon foot

Mineral Monday: Mastodon

Learn about this prehistoric species of elephant on this week's episode of Mineral Monday.