College News

Jamie verifying the soil type with a collection of tools around her

Women in science: Jamie Ludwig Dafoe, rangeland specialist

Dafoe, a graduate of the College of Biotechnology, Agriculture & Natural Resources rangeland science program, takes us through life as a rangeland consultant

Wildflowers in the lab

As bee populations decline, study aims to understand plant and pollinator interactions

Anne Leonard awarded National Science Foundation grant to fund bumblebee research

Karen Lloyd near a small body of water.

Microbes in weird places: what life is like in the deep Earth

Karen Lloyd will speak on her recent research at the Discover Science Lecture, Thursday March 14

Barile lab makes windows smart

Adjustable tinted windows now electronically controlled

Chemistry professor creates new technology for vastly improved smart window performance

Wendy Calvin with Mars Rover

Wendy Calvin looks back at 15 years of working on Mars

College of Science geologist on the science team for the rover Opportunity

Landscape image of the Nevada desert

Closer to the Land: Environment and Ecology in Nevada now on display at Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center

The exhibit focuses on the contrasting environments found in Nevada and the Great Basin, and the relationship of the environment to its living inhabitants including humans, animals, and plants.

chickadee eating a bug

Natural selection and spatial memory link shown in mountain chickadee research

Long-term, extensive study in Sierra Nevada range yields behavior, memory and selection data


Mineral Monday: adamite

Learn about the mineral adamite on this week's episode of Mineral Monday

Dr. Karen Lloyd (left) and Dr. Robert Zeigler

Discover Science Lecture Series announces its spring speaker schedule

The College of Science welcomes two leading researchers to campus during the spring 2019 semester.

Paul Hartley and Yanji Xu in genomics lab

Building research infrastructure: Investment in Core Labs continues

New directors named to centers for bioinformatics and genomics; Core Facilities Open House set for March 6

Garrett Barmore with child

Mineral Monday Competition

Mineral Monday is back for season three with an exciting announcement

Garrett Barmore with young co-host

Mineral Monday competition announcement

The Keck Museum is excited to announce its first-ever Mineral Monday competition!