College News

Students study with each other.

University adds 13 new academic programs

New programs range from a minor in graphic design to a B.S. in biotechnology

Photo of Jim Bell's book: The Ultimate Interplanetary Travel Guide: A Futuristic Journey Through the Cosmos

Planetary Scientist Jim Bell will take you on a vacation through space

Discover Science Lecture Series brings solar system tour guide and astronomer to talk with community

Carbide Lamps

Mineral Monday: Carbide Lamps

This week, Garrett shows us a few exciting pieces in the Keck Museum's mining history collection.


Mineral Monday: Azurite

This relatively common mineral is popular with collectors because of its beautiful blue hues.

Fly Geyser

Mineral Monday: Plesiosaur

Learn about this ancient marine reptile on this week's episode of Mineral Monday.

Fly Geyser

Mineral Monday: field trip to Fly Ranch

Explore this incredible geological site and hear the Burning Man Organization's plans for the property in this special field trip edition of Mineral Monday.

Holy Fire captured on Alert Wildfire camera

Seismo Lab's AlertWildfire mountaintop camera network slated for Sonoma County

College of Science and UC San Diego team with regional agencies to help firefighting efforts

Discover Science Lecture speaker Jaime Casap

Jaime Casap launches 2018-2019 Discover Science Lecture Series Aug. 22

Casap is the Education Evangelist at Google and speaks to education influencers about the role of web and tech-based learning

Seven students in white NevadaFIT T-shirst pose for a photo while gathered on the University of Nevada, Reno campus.

NevadaFIT: Freshman Intensive Transition boot camp begins

More than 1,700 incoming freshman – nearly half of all University of Nevada, Reno freshmen – to participate in program designed to increase college success

Graham Kent speaks at Tahoe Summit about AlertTahoe fire camera system

Funding for AlertTahoe fire camera network announced at Tahoe Summit

College of Science’s Graham Kent talks about successful mountaintop fire tracking system

Cinnabar on display

Mineral Monday: Cinnabar and a special announcement

Watch this week's episode of Mineral Monday and learn about the mineral cinnabar.

Stibnite on display

Mineral Monday: Stibnite

Watch this week's episode of Mineral Monday and learn about the mineral stibnite.