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Three min. thesis

EECB student places highly in "3 Minute Thesis" contest


Congratulations to Phillip Street for placing 2nd in 2017's Three Minute Thesis Competition! Phillip's dissertation work explores how habitat variation affects population dynamics. His 3MT talk focused on how summer habitat affects sage grouse. Great job, Phillip!

Tom and Anne photos

Faculty rewarded for excellence in mentorship


Congratulations to Tom Parchman who was recently chosen by the EECB student body to receive the Jenkins Mentorship award, and to Anne Leonard who received the "Undergraduate Faculty Mentor Award". The EECB is built through great mentors like Anne and Tom. Thanks and congratulations!

Head shot of awardees

EECB students recognized by Graduate Student Association


The UNR graduate student association recently recognized several EECB students for their scholarship. Carrie Branch was named "Outstanding Graduate Student Researcher", Heather Slinn was recognized as the "Outstanding International Graduate Student", and Josh Harrison was the "Outstanding Graduate Student". Congratulations!

Carrie Branch

Carrie Branch awarded Jenkins Fellowship


Congratulations to PhD Candidate Carrie Branch who was recently named the 2017 Steve and Kathie Jenkins Graduate Fellow in Ecology. This fellowship is in recognition of Carrie's outstanding research program and career as an EECB student.

EECB students receive NSF Fellowship


Congratulations to EECB students Nadya Muchoney, Danielle Salcido, and Devon Picklum. Nadya and Danielle were recently awarded the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and Devon was awarded an honorable mention.

New tachinid fly discovered by Jane Dell

EECB student discovers new genus of flies


EECB student Jane Dell recently described a new species of tachinid fly that she discovered during her dissertation research. This new species is unusual enough to be placed into its own new genus.

Harrison featured on the cover of American Journal of Botany

EECB student wins DDIG and has research showcased


Congrats to Josh Harrison for winning a National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Grant

Check out Josh's highlighted work from his recent publication in the American Journal of Botany

Bilateral gynandromorph Melissa blue butterfly

EECB Research featured in Nat. Geographic


Josh Jahner, a recent EECB graduate, has studied an unusual phenomenon called gynandromorphy. This is when an organism is part male and part female–like the butterfly shown here. His work was just featured in National Geographic magazine (link). Congrats Josh!

Mountain chickadee

EECB student Carrie Branch featured at Data Nuggets


Carrie Branch recently shared her research on Mountain Chickadee behavior with Data Nuggets, a website dedicated to science education. Her work was featured by the website as a great example of how scientists can share their research with students.

Picture of eppendorf tubes

EECB students recognized for research


EECB students were recognized for their research at the UNR Graduate School Poster Symposium. Su'ad Yoon and Sarah Barga won first, and second place, respectively for their presentations. Additionally, Jessica Reimche was awarded a research grant from the UNR Graduate School. Congratulations to Jessica, Sarah, and Su'ad!


Leonard Lab is in the news again!


Check out Anne Leonard and Jacob Francis on NPR discussing buzz-pollinated plants and their research on this unique evolutionary strategy.

Angela Hornsby

EECB student and professor win prestigious awards


Congratulations to Angela Hornsby for being named the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents' 2015 Graduate Scholar and to Prof. Jim Sedinger for receiving the UNR Graduate Academic Advisor Award!