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close view of leaves growing off a branch

Three EECB students awarded NSF awards


Three EECB students: Valentina Alaasam, Aramee Diethelm, and Ben Sonnenberg were awarded the prestigious Graduate Research Fellowship Award from the National Science Foundation. Congratulations to these researchers!

Bee visiting flower

2019 Chemical Ecology Hitchcock Graduate Student Fellows


Congratulations to the three EECB Students who received the 2019 Hitchcock Graduate Student Fellowship in Chemical Ecology. Devon Picklum, Danny Nielsen, and Anson Call were among four total students to receive competitive funding to conduct research in the field of chemical ecology

Ben Sonnenberg holding a Chickadee

Exciting paper on Chickadee research from Dr. Pravosudov's Lab


Congratulations to EECB students Ben Sonnenberg and Angela Pitera, EECB alumna Carrie Branch, and Dr. Vladimir Pravosudov, for their new article in the journal Current Biology titled "Natural Selection and Spatial Cognition in Wild Food-Caching Mountain Chickadees". Find the article's full text here and a very insightful video, produced by Jennifer Sande, on their Chickadee research here.

Gynandromorphic butterfly (Credit: Josh Jahner)

Interesting NY Times article related to EECB's Josh Jahner's research interests


EECB's postdoctoral research associate, Josh Jahner, has diverse research interests, and has published on diverse topics that vary from bighorn sheep to gynandromorph butterflies; he was recently quoted in a NY Times note on bilateral gynandromorphism (read the article here). Nice work, Josh.

Anianiau bird

EECB alumni’s article selected as editor’s choice


Congratulations to EECB alumni Christopher Moore and Jacob Dittel for their upcoming article in the April issue of Ecography titled "The mismatch in distributions of vertebrates and the plants that they disperse" that has been selected as editor's choice (article here).

EECB student wins first prize for student talk at national meeting in Canada


Nadya Muchoney was awarded first place for her talk in the Student Competition for the President's Prize at the Joint Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America, Entomological Society of Canada, and Entomological Society of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Nadya's talk covered her research studying the use of an introduced host-plant in providing protection against viral infection in a native insect herbivore, Anartia jatrophae. Congrats Nadya!

aspen defoliation

EECB student awarded scholarship for work in Lake Tahoe Basin


Congratulations to EECB student Tessa Putz for being awarded the Lake Tahoe Basin Sciences and Research Scholarship. This was presented at the Nevada Water Resources Association's 2018 Fall Symposium. Tessa has been working on mapping the white satin moth infestation and hopes to quantify the role that genetics, environment and management have on aspen susceptibility to defoliation.

Students organize UNR Herpetology Club


Graduate students Jon DeBoer, Haley Moniz, and Vicki Thill have organized the UNR Herpetology Club. Students, both undergraduate and graduate, are invited to join this club and share their passion for reptiles and amphibians. Interested individuals can contact the club directly - email address.

Haley Moniz with winning poster

EECB Student wins Best Poster at International Meeting


Haley Moniz won the SSAR Victor Hutchison Student Poster Award at the Joint Meeting of Icthyologists and Herpetologists Meeting in Rochester, New York. More information on her work titled "Costs of Adaptation: Tradeoffs in Organismal Performance of Tetrodotoxin-Resistant Garter Snakes (Thamnophis)" can be found here.

EECB student successfully crowdfunds research


Congrats to Danielle Salcido (Dyer Lab) who successfully crowdfunded her research. Danielle studies patterns of interaction diversity along latitudinal, climatic, and disturbance gradients. This particular research is conducted in Costa Rica - learn more about it here! 

Alison Agneray

Alison Agneray receives honourable mention for her NSF GRFP application


Congratulations to Alison Agneray (Leger lab), who received an honourable mention for her NSF GRFP application.

Katie Uckele

Congratulations to PhD student Katie Uckele!


Katie Uckele (Parchman lab) has won an EECG research award from the American Genetic Association for her work on recombinant hybrid zones in Juniper. Congrats Katie!