Student committees

Positions for 2019-2020

Positions become effective on July 1st of each year.

EECB Student President (1)

Stephanie Coronado

EECB Student President should be a student who has passed written comprehensives.

  • Organize a minimum of two student meetings per year (more if needed)
  • Serve as liaison between students and EECB director and faculty
    • Join faculty listserv in order to receive all pertinent emails
    • Faculty contact: Lee Dyer, EECB Director
  • Organize beginning of year social function
  • Engage EECB students to participate in decisions, functions, etc. related to EECB
  • Keep in touch with other EECB officers to ensure duties are being met
  • Jenkins Award: solicit nominations from EECB students, select finalists, and collect votes.  Engrave Jenkins Award plaque and announce recipient at final spring colloquium.
  • Attend and welcome new graduate student cohort at New Student Orientation

Political Outreach (6+)

 Valentina Alaasam, Trevor Faske, Steve Hromada, Ericka Kay, Devon Picklum 

  • Work with EECB faculty to provide resources to politicians about the effects of global change in Nevada to a global scale.

Representatives to Faculty (2)

Anson Call and Nadya Muchoney 

  • Attend faculty meetings and report meeting minutes to EECB students
    • Faculty contact: Lee Dyer, EECB Director
  • Attend curriculum meetings, suggest student ideas for new classes and restructuring or elimination of old classes, and report meeting minutes to EECB students
    • Faculty contact: Angela Smilanich

Admissions Representative (1)

Danny Nielsen 

Coordinator should be well into their Ph.D. research or possess a Masters degree.

  • Attend admissions committee meetings and review prospective student applications
    • Faculty contact: Marjorie Matocq

Colloquium Nomination Committee (4)

Tessa Behnke, Aramee Diethelm, Josh Hallas, Anjana Parandhaman 

  • One representative for each section: Ecology, Evolution, Conservation Biology, and Ecosystem/Plant Science
  • Solicit nominations for colloquium speakers before the fall and spring semesters
  • Organize schedule of speakers for each semester
  • Work with website committee to ensure colloquium is up-to-date on web page

Colloquium Logistics Committee (6)

Fall 2019 - Elect: Christopher Halsch, Jessica Reimche, Thomas Riecke, Danielle Salcido  
Spring 2020 - Elect: Marcus Blum, Danielle Miles, Adriana Parra, Jason Wurtz

  • Send email announcements [if the host prefers] and post fliers
  • Ensure all reimbursement paperwork is complete
  • Help speaker get set up properly in colloquium room before the talk
  • Provide snacks for reception

Ecolunch Coordinator (1-2)

Fall: Katie Uckele 
Spring: Devon Picklum

  • Reserve meeting room through UNR Reservations and Scheduling
  • Schedule speakers to give Ecolunch and send out announcements
  • Arrange for pizza delivery and handle itemized receipts
  • Apply for club funds from GSA [optional]

Website Committee (3+)

Lauren Benedict, Leanne Diss, Jessica Reimche 

  • Designate at least one committee member for CMS training and site access for content updates
  • Designate at least one committee member for calendar administrator account
  • Solicit information annually and update pages of students, postdocs, faculty, and alumni (CMS account required)
  • Update news feed regularly with major grants, publications, awards, media coverage, etc. (CMS account required)
  • Update calendar regularly with colloquium, ecolunch, candidate seminars, defenses, outreach, grant deadlines, etc. (calendar administrator account recommended)
  • Ensure new students are subscribed to the EECB student sympa listserv (sympa owner/administrator account required)
    • SUBSCRIBERS: to subscribe or unsubscribe from listserv, email the administrator or visit the  sympa page

New Student Orientation Committee (1-2)

Stephanie Coronado, Jennifer Heppner, Leanne Diss, Angela Pitera 

  • Add contact information to  Ph.D program page and respond to emails received
  • Organize new EECB student orientation before the fall semester each year
  • Update and distribute student orientation handbook to all new and transfer students
  • Organize post-orientation meet-up for new and continuing students

Peer-Review Group Coordinator (1-2)

Fall 2019: Jake Francis
Spring 2020: Anson Call

Coordinator should be well into their Ph.D. research, or possess a Masters degree.

  • Organize twice-monthly meetings to review student manuscripts
  • Organize snacks or coffee

Grants Committee (1+)

Anna Tatarko 

  • Manage grant calendar and send grant deadline reminders to listserv

Outreach Coordinators (2+)

Tessa Behnke, Lauren Benedict, Lydia Doan, Jake Francis, Jennifer Heppner, Haley Moniz, Nadya Muchoney, Adriana Parra, Angela Pitera, Ben Sonnenberg, Chanchanok Sudta, Jason Wurtz, Su'ad Yoon, Maya Zowlodzki 

  • Establish and maintain connections with on- and off-campus community service and science education organizations (e.g., Museum of Natural History, Darwin Day, Upward Bound, TRIO, BBBS, TINS, Nevada Bugs & Butterflies, Discovery Museum, etc.)
  • Organize two outreach activities per year and encourage EECB student participation

Social Committee (2+)

Valentina Alaasam, Ericka Kay, Kelli McKeegan, Haley Moniz

  • Plan EECB student parties (responsible for communication with faculty host, purchase of food and beverages and coordination with Graduate Director)

Representative to GSA Council (1) [optional]

EECB does not have a dedicated GSA representative position; interested students should run for election in their respective college.

  • Serve as a liaison between EECB students, faculty, and the Graduate School
  • Alert EECB students and faculty to relevant issues