Student committees and representation

Represent EECB at the University level by serving on the Graduate Student Association (GSA) Council

Have you ever considered participating in GSA's student government? EECB is an interdisciplinary program under the leadership of the Dean of the Graduate School and does not reside within any one college, however EECB graduate students are eligible and encouraged to run for election within their respective college.

Time commitment: Elected representatives meet from 7 to 9 p.m. every other Tuesday, from the first Tuesday after classes begin until the last Tuesday before prep day. Representatives are also asked to serve on GSA committees and University faculty committees, some of which only meet once a semester or for a short time each year.

Perks: GSA representatives are not paid, but earn valuable leadership experience to put on their CV. The GSA President earns a full 20-hour graduate assistant stipend, and each of the two Vice Presidents (Internal and External), earn 10-hour graduate assistant stipends. With approval, this can be in addition to your research or teaching assistantship.

An EECB student serving on GSA Council would benefit fellow EECB students by:

  • Serving as a liaison between program students, faculty, and the Graduate School.
  • Alerting students and faculty to relevant issues and events.
  • Connecting students with resources and funding opportunities.

EECB graduate student leadership


Student president

EECB Student president: Madeleine Lohman, Doctoral student

Faculty contact: Marjorie Matocq, Program Director

Eligibility: The EECB Student President should be a student who has passed written comprehensives.


  • Organize a minimum of two student meetings per year (more if needed)
  • Serve as liaison between students and EECB director and faculty
  • Join faculty listserv in order to receive all pertinent emails
  • Organize beginning of year social function
  • Engage EECB students to participate in decisions, functions, etc. related to EECB
  • Keep in touch with other EECB officers to ensure duties are being met
  • Jenkins Award: solicit nominations from EECB students, select finalists, and collect votes; Engrave Jenkins Award plaque and announce recipient at final spring colloquium
  • Attend and welcome new graduate student cohort at New Student Orientation

Admissions representative

Admissions representative: Chris Halsch, Doctoral student

Faculty contact: Marjorie Matocq, Professor, Population & Evolutionary Genetics

Eligibility: Coordinator should be well into their Ph.D. research or possess a Masters degree.


  • Attend admissions committee meetings and review prospective student applications

Ecolunch coordinator

Fall Ecolunch Coordinator: Avery Grant
Spring Ecolunch Coordinator: Chloe Collier


  • Reserve meeting room through UNR Reservations and Scheduling
  • Schedule speakers to give Ecolunch and send out announcements
  • Arrange for pizza delivery and handle itemized receipts
  • Apply for club funds from GSA [optional]

Representatives to faculty

Representatives to faculty: Anna Tatarko and Avery Grant


  • Attend faculty meetings and report meeting minutes to EECB students
  • Attend curriculum meetings, suggest student ideas for new classes and restructuring or elimination of old classes, and report meeting minutes to EECB students

EECB graduate student committees

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Colloquium logistics committee (6+)

Fall members: Anson Call, Chris Halsch, Anna Tatarko

Spring members: Anson Call, Tara Christensen, Chris Halsch


  • Send email announcements [if the host prefers] and post fliers
  • Ensure all reimbursement paperwork is complete
  • Help speaker get set up properly in colloquium room before the talk
  • Provide snacks for reception

Colloquium nomination committee (4+)

Members: Julie Brockman, Aramee Diethelm, Kelly Robinson, Casey Adkins, Cas Carroll


  • One representative for each section: Ecology, Evolution, Conservation Biology, and Ecosystem/Plant Science
  • Solicit nominations for colloquium speakers before the fall and spring semesters
  • Organize schedule of speakers for each semester
  • Work with website committee to ensure colloquium is up-to-date on webpage

Grants committee (1+)

Member(s): Ally Coconis


  • Manage grant calendar and send grant deadline reminders to listserv

International student committee (3+)

Members: Guillermo Garcia Costoya, Noa Ratia, David Perez Guerra


  • Coming soon!

Justice, equality, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) committee (6+)

Members: Cas Carroll, Lydia Doan, Helen Kesting, Saw Sudta, Akhila Gopal, Stephanie Coronado, Laura Shriver, Anjana Parandhaman | Email the JEDI committee


  • Collect survey data on the experiences, needs and resource access of underrepresented students and faculty members within EECB
  • Organize spaces and events for underrepresented students within the EECB program
  • Coordinate with the EECB program director to ensure all underrepresented students have needed resources and support
  • Establish connections with diversity committees outside of the EECB program to share ideas and community space



Mental health committee (3+)

Members: Noa Ratia, Kelli McKeegan, David Perez Guerra, Lauren Whitenack


  • Work to increase awareness of graduate student mental health issues throughout UNR faculty and student body.
  • Distribute information to graduate students regarding mental health resources on and off-campus (therapy, meditations, books, social gatherings, etc).
  • Check up on fellow students who may be in need of assistance, or are struggling, and encourage others to do the same.

New student orientation committee (2+)

Members: Julie Brockman, Guillermo Garcia Costoya, Maddie Lohman, Ciara Sheets


  • Add contact information to Ph.D program page and respond to emails received
  • Organize new EECB student orientation before the fall semester each year
  • Update and distribute student orientation handbook to all new and transfer students
  • Organize post-orientation meet-up for new and continuing students

Outreach coordination committee (2+)

Members: Jennifer Heppner, Leah Prescott, Morgan Long, Saw Sudta, Claire Williams, Masoud Rostami, Santiago Villamarin, Ben Sonnenberg, Otis Clyne


  • Establish and maintain connections with on- and off-campus community service and science education organizations (e.g., Museum of Natural History, Darwin Day, Upward Bound, TRIO, BBBS, TINS, Nevada Bugs & Butterflies, Discovery Museum, etc.)
  • Organize two outreach activities per year and encourage EECB student participation

Peer review committee (4+)

Members: Abby Miller, Elise Pletcher, Helen Kesting, Gabby Mizell, Kelly Loria


  • Read and review submitted material in a timely manner.
  • Provide constructive feedback to submitters on text, tables, and figures.
  • Maintain a form for managing submissions.

Form to request peer review


Political outreach committee (6+)

Members: Jess Buelow, Chloe Collier, Tara Christensen, Ben Sonnenberg, Otis Clyne, Trevor Faske, Casey Adkins, Ranae Zauner


  • Work with EECB faculty to provide resources to politicians about the effects of global change in Nevada to a global scale.

Social committee (2+)

Members: Kelly Loria, Rosie Frederick, Christian Connors (EECBeers coordinator), Valentina Alaasam


  • Plan EECB student parties (responsible for communication with faculty host, purchase of food and beverages and coordination with Graduate Director)

Website committee (3+)

Members: Lauren Benedict, Morgan Long, Zachary Bess


  • Solicit information annually and update pages of students, postdocs, faculty, and alumni 
  • Designate at least one committee member to advertise for colloquia
  • Designate at least one committee member to share EECB events and awards on social media
  • Designate at least one committee member to coordinate with University marketing representative for EECB website updates
  • Update news feed (on EECB website and social media) regularly with major grants, publications, awards, media coverage, etc.
  • Update UNR calendar regularly with colloquiums, ecolunch, candidate seminars, defenses, outreach, grant deadlines, etc. 
  • Ensure new students are subscribed to the EECB student listserv (Mailman owner/administrator account required)