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Our interdisciplinary graduate program brings together faculty and students from a range of departments at the University of Nevada, Reno, the Desert Research Institute, and the Great Basin Institute. As a student, you have the opportunity to customize your education to your scientific interests.

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aspen defoliation

EECB student awarded scholarship for work in Lake Tahoe Basin

Congratulations to EECB student Tessa Putz for being awarded the Lake Tahoe Basin Sciences and Research Scholarship. This was presented at the Nevada Water Resources Association's 2018 Fall Symposium. Tessa has been working on mapping the white satin moth infestation and hopes to quantify the role that genetics, environment and management have on aspen susceptibility to defoliation.

Students organize UNR Herpetology Club

Graduate students Jon DeBoer, Haley Moniz, and Vicki Thill have organized the UNR Herpetology Club. Students, both undergraduate and graduate, are invited to join this club and share their passion for reptiles and amphibians. Interested individuals can contact the club directly - email address.

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