Campus resources

The Student Services Division has many great resources to aid in student success. You'll find support links for academics, health, culture, financial and more.


Funding your degree program

Students admitted to the EECB Program may be offered financial support from one of the following sources: fellowships, teaching assistantships, and research assistantships.

If a student’s job performance (i.e., as a teaching or research assistant) and progress towards the degree is satisfactory, support from one or more of these sources is typically provided for up to five years total (four years if a student is admitted with a master’s degree).

Below are additional resources for both internal and external research grants, scholarships and fellowships.  

Career information

We hope these resources will provide you with a starting point for planning your career. Graduates of our program can find jobs as scientists in academia and the public and private sectors. As students, you are encouraged to meet regularly with your advisor, your committee and scientists in your field to network and receive mentoring that will help you make appropriate career choices.