From adaptive radiations to contemporary management: how ecological context shapes evolutionary outcomes

Fall 2018 Colloquia and Seminar Talks Schedule
Aug 21, 2018 David Sloan Wilson Binghamton University

This view of life: completing the Darwinian revolution and evolving the future 

Time: 3:30 - 5 p.m.                                                      Location: Reynolds School of Journalism, Rm 101

Steve Hayes
Sep 06, 2018 Peter Coates USGS Sage-grouse in the Anthropocene Period: Impacts of wildfire, human enterprise, and subsidized predation Phillip Street
Sep 13, 2018 Chemical Ecology Group University of Nevada, Reno A rambling examination of the phytochemical landscape: Testing hypotheses from Darwin and Wallace, Ehrlich and Raven, HSS, and Lora Richards. Lora Richards
Sep 20, 2018 Neal WIlliams UC Davis Floral resource effects on bumble bee colony and population dynamics Jake Francis
Sep 27, 2018 J. Keaton Wilson The University of Arizona Multiple avenues of plant defense: information transfer in noisy environments via airborne chemistry and immune disruption via nutritional content Ericka Kay
Oct 4, 2018 Chris Tracy Boyd Deep Canyon Reserve, University of California Water and temperature regulation in Australian tree frogs: Do they really sweat like frogs on a hot plate? Dick Tracy
Oct 11, 2018 Clint Epps Oregon State University Genetics from A to B: DNA-driven insights into ecology of bighorn sheep and aardvarks Josh Jahner
Oct 18, 2018 Tyler Refsland University of Illinois/UNR Fire-driven changes to tree drought vulnerability and carbon storage in temperate broadleaf forests Hall Cushman
Oct 25, 2018 Anna Lampei Bucharová Institute of Landscape Ecology Sourcing seeds for ecological restoration: local adaptation, wild harvesting, and unintended selection during seed propagation Beth Leger
Nov 1, 2018 Butch Brodie, III University of Virginia Channel Surfing The Adaptive Wave: Convergence, Constraint, and Contingency in the Evolution of Tetrodotoxin Resistance Chris Feldman
Nov 8, 2018 Soojin Yi Georgia Tech Evolution of DNA methylation and human brains David Alvarez-Ponce
Nov 15, 2018 Madan Oli University of Florida Ecology and Conservation of the Florida Panther Kevin Shoemaker
Nov 22, 2018 Thanksgiving

Nov 29, 2018 Fred Dyer Michigan State University Evolution of search behavior in nectar-feeding bees Danielle Miles
Dec 6, 2018 Josh Jahner University of Nevada, Reno

From adaptive radiations to contemporary management: how ecological context shapes evolutionary outcomes

Lee Dyer
Dec 13, 2018 Tom Whitham Northern Arizona University The genetics of local adaptation, community assembly, interaction networks, and stability help develop solutions to mitigate global change Hall Cushman