This weekly lecture series presents original research from visiting scientists, NSHE faculty, and graduate students completing doctoral degrees. Join us to hear from invited speakers about a broad range of topics— from restoration in the Great Basin to global biases in scientific knowledge to the phylogenomics of cacti. Invited speakers have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with graduate students, strengthening connections across the scientific community and starting conversations about our broad research interests.   

 Course information: EECB 494/694/794 (1 credit) | Search class schedule for offerings

Colloquium FAQ

Hosts, start here: Before reviewing the FAQ, please read the host duties document.

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  1. Pre-visit planning
  2. Travel logistics
  3. Host meals
  4. Reception
  5. Other questions

1. Pre-visit planning

How do we make announcements and flyers?

In brief, the colloquium logistics committee will take care of almost everything. You, as the host, will reach out to your speaker and collect the relevant details, including the talk title, abstract, photos, etc. Email this information to the logistics committee, which will then generate the flyer and send it to the listserv on the Monday before the talk and again on the morning of the talk. If desired, the host is responsible for creating a google spreadsheet that contains the speaker’s meeting schedule. Forward a link to this sheet to the colloquium logistics committee if you want it included in the announcement.

How do I create a meeting schedule?

One to two weeks in advance, check with your speaker to determine what times they are available to meet with EECB faculty and students. After establishing a schedule, make a google sheet (see template).

Make sure your document permissions are set to “Anyone with the link can edit.” Then, forward the link to the colloquium logistics committee and we will include the link in the announcement emails.


2. Travel logistics

When should the speaker arrive/depart Reno?

EECB will cover 2 nights of lodging. Previously, speakers typically arrived Wednesday evening before their talk and left Friday afternoon. For Fall 2022, the colloquium is now Friday at 1 PM, so there may be flight constraints depending on where the speaker is traveling from. See “Fall2022_ColloquiumHostDuties” for more information.

How do we book/pay for the speaker’s airfare?

The speaker should book their own airfare, and submit their receipts as well as the appropriate paperwork ( “NSHE Payment Registration” and “Guest Speaker Payment Request Form”) to Pam Moore in the Graduate School office (, and she will arrange for reimbursement. For flights over $500, please communicate with the EECB director before any bookings are made. Please consult the “Host Duties” document for more details.

How do we book/pay for the speaker’s hotel?

Coordinate with Pam Moore in the Graduate School office ( She will book the hotel for you using the University’s account at Whitney Peak. If you prefer to host the speaker at your own home, then please let Pam know that she does not need to book a hotel.

How does the speaker get around once they’ve reached Reno (e.g. car rentals, local travel)?

Transportation around Reno is the host’s responsibility. Please arrange rides to and from the airport, hotels, campus, and any other local travel. There is no budget for vehicle rental or mileage reimbursements.


3. Host meals

Can we purchase alcohol at meals and/or the post-colloquium reception?

The program will not cover any adult beverages. You must pay for these expenses on your own.

How many meals will the program pay for?

On the day of the speaker’s talk, the Graduate School Pcard can be used to pay for all of the speaker’s meals.

EECB will also cover meal expenses for three University guests (students or postdocs) at each meal. Meal expense limits are $50 per person for dinner, $20 per person for lunch, and $12 per person for breakfast, excluding gratuity (max 20%) and sales tax (do NOT pay).

Please consult the host duties, food hosting guidelines and “Purchase Card Form for Guest Speaker Meals” or UAM 1,067: Host expenses documents for more details.

How do I pay for speakers’ meals?

All of the speaker’s meals can be paid for using a Graduate School Pcard. This card can be picked up from a member of the colloquium logistics committee. If another card is used, The original receipt goes to the proper reconciliation staff, and a copy is sent to the Graduate School for reimbursement.

Where do I get the Pcard for the speaker’s meals and/or the post-colloquium reception?

The Pcard comes from the Graduate School office. We can arrange for a member of the colloquium logistics committee to pick it up for you.

Can I use my personal Pcard to pay for a meal?

Yes, PI’s who are dining with the speaker should use their own Pcard and contact the Graduate School and their respective administrative staff for reimbursement. Postdocs or other faculty may also use their personal P-cards.

What do I do about sales tax and tipping/gratuity for meals?

Do NOT pay sales tax with the Pcard. If you accidentally did, please contact Pam Moore. You can pay up to 20% gratuity for each meal.

How many forms do I need to fill out for the speaker’s meals?

You must fill out one form per meal. For the Graduate School Pcard, this is the ‘Purchase Card Form for Guest Speaker Meals or Event Refreshments’.

What information do I need to fill out the meal reimbursement forms?

  1. Who was there and what they ate
    • Names of all University students or staff
    • Food items consumed by each person & per person cost
  2. Responsible person’s name and signature (that’s you, the host)
  3. Date, meal, and name of the restaurant
  4. Itemized receipt (attached to form)
  5. Receipt including gratuity

Where do I get more meal reimbursement forms?

You can get a copy in person from the Graduate School Office, email Pam Moore, or make copies of the form that comes with the graduate school Pcard.


4. Reception

Can I choose where to host the post-colloquium reception?

Yes, but the options are limited. Our usual spot is the Mellow Fellow, but we can also arrange to host the reception at Laughing Planet or, if you would like, at your house. Please notify the colloquium logistics committee of your decision at least two weeks in advance, and we will make the arrangements.

How do I pay for food at the post-colloquium reception? What is the budget?

You do not pay for reception food. The Colloquium Logistics Committee will order $100 of appetizers. This is enough for the usual spread at Mellow Fellow, which is ordered by the Logistics committee before the reception. Drinks are not included. If you are hosting at a private residence, the logistics committee can purchase food for you, but you will still have to provide your own drinks.

Is there a budget for drinks at the post-colloquium reception?

No, drinks are not included-- host, speaker, and guests must all pay for their own drinks. The host typically chooses to buy a round or two for the speaker with their own personal funds. If you are hosting at a private residence, the logistics committee can purchase food for you, but you will still have to provide your own drinks.


5. Other questions

Who do I contact if I still have questions?

The Colloquium Logistics email is Pam Moore, in the Graduate School Office, can be contacted at

Where can I find more resources?

Please consult the Host Duties, Food Hosting Guidelines and “Purchase Card Form for Guest Speaker Meals”, or UAM 1,067: Host expenses documents for more details.