Our colloquium speakers give one-hour presentations on ecology, evolution, conservation biology, and plant/ecosystem science and come from academic, governmental agencies, and non-profit institutions. Colloquia are held in the Mackay Science Building (MS) in room 215 on Thursdays at 4:00 PM.

After each talk, please join the speaker, host, and fellow colleagues for drinks and appetizers at a reception to be held at a local restaurant or brewery. The location of the reception will vary so please contact the host for details.

If you are interested in talking with the speaker, we highly encourage you to contact the host to set up a meeting. We look forward to your participation in our upcoming colloquia!

Colloquia and Seminar Talks Schedule
Aug 31, 2017 Colloquium Intro (BIO 494)
Sep 7, 2017 Okan Kulkoyluoglu Abant ─░zzet Baysal Üniversitesi Mary Peacock
Sep 14, 2017 Glenn Miller UNR Arid Lands Biofuels and Bioproducts:Grindelia squarrosa(Gumweed) and Grindelic Acid Chemical Ecology Program
Sep 21, 2017 Hollis Woodward UC Riverside Nutritional ecology and physiology of bumble bees Jake Francis and Felicity Muth
Sep 28, 2017 Scott Black Xerces Society Bringing back the pollinators: An integrated landscape approach to pollinator conservation Matt Forister
Oct 5, 2017 Erin Hestir NC State University Jonathan Greenberg
Oct 12, 2017 Scott Taylor University of Colorado Boulder Insights from avian hybrid zones into the origin and maintenance of biodiversity Carrie Branch
Oct 19, 2017 Rolf Vinebrooke University of Alberta Cumulative impacts of multiple stressors on mountain lake communities: From concepts to empirical evidence Tim Caldwell
Oct 26, 2017 Maj Rundlöf UC Davis Pesticide exposure and flower resources as drivers of bumble bee diversity in agricultural landscapes Felicity Muth
Nov 2, 2017 Felicity Muth UNR Learning with ecologically relevant rewards
Nov 9, 2017 Eric Griffin Smithsonian Missing the forest for the microbes? The identities, distributions, and impacts of foliar bacteria on forest tree species Heather Slinn
Nov 16, 2017 Jarmila Pittermann UC Santa Cruz Emanuele Ziaco and Franco Biondi
Nov 23, 2017 Thanksgiving Day
Nov 30, 2017 Emily Taylor Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Chris Feldman
Dec 7, 2017