Dean of Students

Dedicated to student development & student success

The Dean of Students Office is dedicated to student-centered strategic planning that supports student development, student retention and self-advocacy. The office promotes innovation and assessment, sustaining an environment that embraces and respects community members regardless of their life experiences, cultural identities, ethnic recognition, gender identities or religious expressions as each student seeks opportunities to achieve personal and academic goals.


Student assistance

If you need help related to personal or academic challenges, please contact the Dean of Students at or call (775) 682-6846.


Our offices

The Dean of Students Office is comprised of four units that provide specialized support services to students through a variety of programs and events.

Nevada Career Studio

Provides tools for students to craft their four-year plan designed to empower students to become competitive for today's knowledge economy.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

The fraternity and sorority community exists to promote a unified community of academic excellence, integrity, character and cultural diversity.

Office of New Student Initiatives

Strengthens every student's four-year graduation plan by providing tools to succeed academically, socially and emotionally in their first-year at the University.

Office of Student Conduct

Administers the Student Code of Conduct, policies and guidelines that govern all students enrolled at the University of Nevada.