Marjorie Matocq

Professor, Population & Evolutionary Genetics and Director of the Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology graduate program
Marjorie Matocq
She, her, hers


Projects in our lab focus on studying patterns of geographic population genetic structure and the processes underlying such patterns. Because the current geographic distribution of genetic diversity is determined by a complex interplay of ecology, demography, and population history, our studies are performed at various spatial and temporal scales. To study the processes underlying patterns of genetic diversity and subdivision, we combine modern molecular genetic techniques with morphological and field studies.

My research program is focused on a number of ecological and evolutionary questions at the interface of intra- and interspecific processes. My research program is heavily collections-based and integrates traditional field and morphological data with molecular and genomic methods to elucidate pattern and process at several spatial and temporal scales. The majority of my work continues to focus on members of the Neotoma fuscipes species complex.


B.S., 1992, California Polytechnic State University
M.S., 1996, San Francisco State University
Ph.D., 2000, University of California, Berkeley