Natural Resources and Environmental Science

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Science focus is to sustain natural resource and environmental security for society in a dynamic world.

Natural Resources & Environmental Science Degree Programs:


BS in Ecohydrology

Integrating water, people, & the environment.

Environmental Science

BS in Environmental Science

Addressing today's environmental issues.

Forest Management and Ecology

BS in Forest Management & Ecology

Managing & restoring forest ecosystems.

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Science

BS in Wildlife Ecology & Conservation

Conserving wildlife & wildlife habitat.

MS in Natural Resources and Environmental Science

MS in Natural Resources & Environmental Science

Advanced study of the ecology, management, & restoration of ecosystems.

PhD Ecology Evolution and Conservation Biology

PhD Ecology Evolution & Conservation Biology

Interdisciplinary doctoral program exploring biology, ecology, evolution, & conservation.

MS and PhD in Environmental Science

MS & PhD in Environmental Sciences

Interdisciplinary graduate program providing advanced study of environmental sciences & health.

MS and PhD in Hydrologic Sciences

MS & PhD in Hydrologic Sciences

Interdisciplinary graduate program focusing on water, both surface & subsurface.

About NRES

About NRES

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NRES People

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NRES Students

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NRES Research

Researching inter-relationships among people, other organisms, & the environment.

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