Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Science

The Department is an interdisciplinary unit that brings together biological and physical scientists to address a wide range of pressing environmental challenges that confront our society –- at local, regional and global levels.

The Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs to educate, inspire and prepare the next generation of scientists. NRES faculty are engaged in cutting-edge research in the following areas:

In the News

desert tortois

Impact of climate change on the Desert Tortoise

Dester Tortoise is the subject of a study to see how climate change affects its adaptability to a changing climate and to help with management practices.

glenn miller lab

Glenn Miller retiring after 40 years

Foundation professor spends career on eclectic, seemingly random collection of research Glenn Miller studied roadside plant biofuel, cleaning up mining waste and protecting water sources

pet food samples

How much mercury is in your petfood?

After mercury was found in pet food in a 2016 research project, a new team is taking a closer look to quantify the concentration level of methylmercury, the toxic mercury compound that can have negative health impacts.