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In the News

Sarah Bisbin on location

Forest management in an age of megafires: Sierra Nevada AMEX study demonstrates forest & research resilience

NRES ecologist Sarah Bisbing continues critical, collaborative research into more effective forest management techniques despite setbacks.

A slope that had been destroyed by flames of the Walker Fire (2019)

Catastrophic wildfires' severity could be reduced with remote sensing of forests

Associate Professor, Jonathan Greenberg runs the University’s Global Environmental Analysis and Remote Sensing lab using LiDAR technology to transform the understanding of forest ground coverage.

bob shriver

Bob Shriver focuses on restoring disturbed ecosystems

He is focused on understanding and predicting how local plant populations’ demographic traits, such as survival and growth rates, respond to climate, disturbance and human management. 

The Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Science offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs to educate, inspire and prepare the next generation of scientists. Department faculty are engaged in cutting-edge research in the following areas:

mecury sampling


Topics of study include the characterization of pollutant emissions from combustion sources, the understanding of atmospheric photochemical processes and the quantification of human exposure to air pollution.

stream survey


Topics of study include the use of remote sensing, field observations and modeling to address the most pressing questions in the fields of water quality, lake clarity, stream and creek ecosystems and mountain ecohydrology.

soil samples


Topics of study include soil hydrologic conditions, the evaluation of current and past environmental conditions and the characterization of physiochemical processes in the region’s soils.

plant survey


Regions of study include mountain meadows and sierra forest, riparian communities along creeks and streams and the vast open space of the Great Basin rangelands.

big hou=rn sheep


Topics of study include interactions between wildlife and land uses, avian ecology, forestry-wildlife relationships, endangered species management, reproductive ecology, nutrition and foraging ecology, predator-prey interactions and population dynamics.