Examining the formation, distribution, function and management of soils to understand, sustain, and improve the environment.

soils class

Study with researchers working in:

  • Biotic and abiotic controls on element cycling in terrestrial ecosystems
  • Cycling of water, carbon, nitrogen, salts and metals in the environment, with a strong focus on soil processes that modulate these element cycles.

Faculty with expertise in soil science


Expertise: fate of trifluoroacetic acids and organophosphate pesticides during interaction with vegetation and soils, role of atmosphere and soils as sources, sinks, and pathways for cycling of environmental contaminants.


Expertise: interactions among plant, soil, and hydrologic processes in terrestrial systems.


Expertise: soil carbon and greenhouse gases in restored mountain meadows, rates and mechanisms of soil methane dynamics in arid environments, plant-soil feedbacks and restoration of old fields in Nevada, and piñon-juniper fuels management on vegetation and soils


Expertise: effects of natural and anthropogenic perturbations such as climate change, acid rain and land management on terrestrial ecosystems.

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