Using modern approaches in genetics, demography and population biology, behavior, and landscape ecology to accomplish our research goals.

sheep capture

Study with researchers working in:

  • conservation and management of wildlife populations, including reintroduction of extirpated mammals to their historic ranges
  • maintenance of biodiversity
  • management of harvested species
  • understanding how wildlife interact with human altered landscapes
  • understanding selection of resources and movement patterns of wildlife species at multiple spatial scales

Faculty working in Wildlife


Expertise: herbivore-plant interactions


Expertise: geographic distribution of genetic diversity in mammals


Expertise: simulation models, statistics and machine learning to support evidence-based conservation and wildlife management.


Expertise: population ecology of large mammals, and effects of density dependence on population growth, movement patterns, habitat selection, and both inter- and intraspecific competition.


Expertise: Statistical and mathematical methods for estimating population processes to improve wildlife management and conservation.

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