Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

The Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation prepares students to study wild animal populations, management of game and nongame species and conservation biology of threatened and endangered species. Many of the classes are hands-on and include outdoor laboratories.

If you are interested in:

  • Working outdoors with wildlife
  • Solving problems pertaining to the biology, ecology, and conservation of wildlife
  • Collecting field data, analyzing and synthesizing data
  • Ensuring habitat for wildlife in an increasingly urbanized world
  • Protecting wildlife in the face of climate change and invasive species

Careers (typically working for governmental agencies, consulting firms, or non-profit organizations):

  • Wildlife biologist or specialist
  • Wildlife manager or conservationist
  • Game warden/conservation officer
  • Environmental consultant
  • Wildland manager
  • Ecologist
  • Park ranger

Curriculum includes:

  • Basic Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Conservation Biology, Biodiversity
  • Wildlife Ecology and Management
  • Dynamics of Wildlife Populations
  • Mammalogy, Ornithology, Ichthyology
  • Forest Ecology, Forest & Range Plants
  • Animal  Physiology & Behavior

For more information contact:

Incoming freshman & Sophomores

CABNR Student Center
Located in FA 236 or 775-784-1634

Juniors & Seniors

  • Last names A-L
    Erica Bigio

    Office: Max Fleischmann Agriculture Building Rm# 239D or 775-453-4795
  • Last names M-Z
    Julie Stoughton

    Office: Max Fleischmann Agriculture Building Rm# 238 or 775-784-1674

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