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Adventurers. Community Builders. Doctors. Dietitians. Discoverers. Ecologists. Environmentalists. Explorers.  Farmers. Foodies. Forest Managers. Researchers. Scientists. Teachers. Rangeland Managers. Veterinarians. And more. Are you ready to grow?

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We offer a variety of services and programs to support you and promote your success. Here are just a few highlights:

Great Basin Hall at dusk


Our College's living learning community in Great Basin Hall helps our students to find community, explore research opportunities and develop professional skills. The hall is the University home for students who are pursuing a degree in STEM. It provides a quality, immersive college living experience that celebrates diversity, promotes sustainability and fosters success. It'll be here for you in-person or virtually, according to the latest safety guidelines.

College Dean Bill Payne presenting an award to a CABNR student at awards night


Through the generosity of our many donors and supporters, we award over $250,000 in undergraduate and graduate scholarships each year. They're primarily awarded based on academic merit and financial need, but some are specific to students in particular majors or from specific geographic regions. Some help our students to conduct their own research. All will be available to our students this year, whether classes are held in-person, online or via HyFlex teaching.

A group of students in Wolf Pack gear, holding balloons and a sign at CABNRFIT.


Our CABNRFIT Program, a subset of the University's NevadaFIT Program, is a required one-credit academic offering for incoming freshmen. It helps students to transition successfully from high school to college. It provides a realistic orientation to the style, pace, intensity and rigor of University courses. It includes farm tours and other hands-on and outdoor activities. The experience will be in-person or virtual this year, depending on the latest safety guidelines.

Got technology?

We want you to have everything you need to succeed. So, we're lending a limited number of loaner laptops and Wi-Fi hotspots to students in need during pandemic.

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What would you like to study?

We offer majors in...

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Agricultural Science & Economics (Dual)

This dual degree program will allow students to combine a passion for providing for the world through agriculture with a powerful understanding of markets, trade, statistics, and solutions to resource allocation problems. 

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Agricultural Science

Focuses on plant science, animal science, agribusiness, soil and water resource management, and agriculture education.

Prepares students for in-demand careers in agriculture, including in business, management, economics and production.

students working in hood

Biochemistry and molecular biology

Students study how chemical processes affect cells – the building blocks of all life on earth.

Equips students with current biochemical research skills to fight against diseases, feed the world and educate the next generation of scientists.

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Merges biological processes with advanced technologies to attack some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Provides students with hands-on access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and unique internship opportunities in the biotechnology industry.

student working in stream

Environmental Science

Interdisciplinary major that combines a strong foundation in basic science (chemistry, biology, geology) with unique environmental specializations, from localized pollution to global policy.

Prepares students for careers solving critical environmental challenges with cutting-edge research.

student working in forest

Forest Ecology & Management

Prepares students to manage forest ecosystems from a science-based perspective.

Students gain practical skills through coursework and extracurricular activities that prepare them for careers in forest ecology, management and conservation, working for government agencies, private industry, consulting firms and universities.

student working in lab

NevadaTeach: Agricultural Science

Dual degree prepares students to help fill a critical shortage of agricultural educators at the middle or high school level, while also earning a comprehensive and marketable STEM degree.

Students receive hands-on experience in crop and animal production and complete all requirements for state licensure in four years.

student working in soils

NevadaTeach: Environmental Science

Dual degree prepares students to help fill a critical shortage of environmental science educators at the middle or high school level, while also earning a comprehensive and marketable STEM degree.

Interdisciplinary major that combines a strong foundation in basic science (chemistry, biology, geology) with unique environmental specializations, from localized pollution to global policy.

student working in growth chamber


Students learn the science of food and nutrition, and how to apply this knowledge to improve human health.

With two specializations, the program prepares students to become dietitian nutritionists or to pursue a career in research, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or physical therapy.

student working in the range

Rangeland Ecology & Management

Students graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to integrate information about plant communities, soils, wildlife species, livestock use, watershed functions, geographical information systems and land use policy to conserve and restore rangeland ecosystems.

Graduates are employed by governmental and private enterprises as conservationists, ecologists, land managers and natural resources consultants.

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Veterinary Science

The four-year pre-professional program focuses on vet school preparation and satisfies the entrance requirements for most U.S. schools of veterinary medicine.

Provides students with intensive advisement, scholarships and a variety of hands-on animal experiences.

student working with bighorn sheep

Wildlife Ecology & Conservation

Students learn methods and techniques to study wild animal populations, manage game and non-game species, and practice conservation of threatened and endangered species.

Graduates are employed by natural resource agencies, private firms and nonprofit organizations, with careers as wildlife biologists, refuge managers, game wardens and park rangers.

And accelerated programs in...

Becoming a doctor

  • The BS-MD Program is an accelerated pathway for a small number of motivated, mature high school seniors who intend to pursue a career in medicine.
  • Students complete the first three years of the required undergraduate curriculum, followed by the traditional four years of medical school. Approved majors in our College are Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Nutritional Science.


  • Five-year accelerated program that includes a four-year Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree and a one-year professional Master of Science (M.S.) degree.
  • Additional graduate year allows students to further explore their scientific potential and become better informed about potential career choices in pharmaceutical and other biotechnology-intensive industries.

Join the Pack

If you can see yourself here, we're ready to welcome you home.


Student stories

First in the Pack Stories

Our College and University are dedicated to helping students transition to and succeed at our University. Our University's First in the Pack ProgramTRiO Scholars Program and TRiO's McNair Scholars Program help income-qualified students, first-generation students and/or students with disabilities to overcome cultural, academic, class and social barriers to success in higher education.

First-generation students are students whose parents or guardians haven't graduated from a four-year college or university. Check out Ana's, Christina's and Edward's stories to hear what first-generation students in our College are saying about their experiences here.

Anna Nunez Zepeda's story

Ana in graduation regalia leaning against a wooden railing, green trees in the background

Ana '19 (nutritional science) came to the U.S. when she was 13 years old.

"Arriving in the United States was a life-changing event," Ana said. "Not only did I have to learn a new language, I also had to assimilate into a new culture."

What motivated her in middle and high school and at the University was the opportunity to seek a better future.

"I chose to go to college because I knew education is the key for bigger opportunities," she said, "and coming from a big family with no academic background, I knew I had to be the one starting a new future for my family."

"My success pays off my parent's hard work and motivates everybody in the family to continue with our dreams because by working hard and being persistent dreams do come true."

Christina Igono's story

Christina Igono with her hands on her hips, looking off into the distance

Christina '21 Ph.D. (environmental science) is a current student in our College.

"Working on my major has further strengthened my belief that everything is possible in life," she said.

She was recognized recently at an international conference for her research.

"My involvement as a graduate research assistant has been a tremendous experience," she said. "The never-ending opportunity to learn and discover something new keeps me physically and psychologically active."

"I am focused on finishing my research projects, completing my Ph.D. and graduating. I believe my future is bright."

"In chasing your dreams, you only need one person to believe in you, and that person is you."

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Student opportunities

Student clubs and organizations

Getting involved in campus life is a terrific way to network, make connections and effect positive change in our College and University. If you don't see a club that meets your needs, we can help you start your own.

Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources Clubs

Student clubs and organizations provide a great opportunity to meet new people, learn about new cultures, expand your interests and hobbies, and make an impact on our campus.


Have questions?

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Our Student Center is here to help

Our College's Student Center provides a safe, comfortable and friendly environment that encourages learning beyond the classroom through community dialogue, cultural enrichment, social engagement and scholarship. Its experiences and services are designed to help you become a better scholar and a better human. These include advising and support; Wi-Fi, computers, printers and free printing; group study space; and more.

To help keep our campus community safe and well, the center is temporarily transitioning from face-to-face advising and support to virtual advising and support. But no matter how safety guidelines have us operating, our Student Center employees, experiences and services are here to support you! Please reach out with any questions, and please ask if you need anything.

We look forward to working with you

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