Research & Outreach

Research & Outreach

Areas of research

The College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources is fully committed to the aspiration of the University to be a premier research institution. Research teams of students, postdoctoral associates, and faculty aim to address scientific challenges, stimulate innovation, and enhance transfer of knowledge to industry.

Livestock and domestic animals

Activity ranges from basic molecular biology aspects of genetics/genomics/functional genomics and physiology to applied aspects of breeding and genetics, nutrition, meat science and processing, growth, heat and cold stress, production and management strategies.

biotech students

Biotech-based science

Merging biological and molecular processes with advanced technologies to attack some of the world's biggest challenges. Capitalizing on the techniques of genetic engineering which are used to design new proteins, improve stress tolerance and investigate disease mechanisms. 

meat industry

Economic development

Focusing on clearly defined development problems for Nevada and the West. Activities include marketing studies, impact analyses, agribusiness studies, to labor market studies, and natural resource valuations.

mercury sampling

Environmental science

Research covers a wide range of research activities that address fundamental environmental processes, stressors on environmental systems and their effects on human health.

alfalfa trials

Food and forage crops

Programs range from evaluating ways forages could be utilized more efficiently in a livestock operation, to improving stress tolerance and developing expanding alternative crops best suited to Nevada's climate.


Forest and woodlands

Activities include ecology, silvicultureclimate change, stand dynamics, drought, wildfire history, plant invasions, plant-herbivore interactions and fuels management.

dietetic clinic

Human health & wellbeing

Focusing on diet and nutrition, food insecurity, cancer prevention, obesity, cardiovascular health, disease transmission and early childhood development.

mercury sampling

Natural resources

Covering a wide range of research activities that address fundamental processes, environmental stressors, land use, remote sensing, fuels management on wildfire, hydrology, ground water, snow pack and wildlife management.

range fire

Rangeland management

Providing information on issues related to water, wildlife habitat, livestock forage, recreation, open space, conservation of natural areas and the stewardship of rangeland resources in Nevada.


Renewable energy

Exploring a wide range of promising technologies to improve the efficiency and lower the cost of energy produced from biomass resources.

carson river

Water resources & quality

Focused on water issues such as agriculture, climate, and sustainability and seeking new approaches to address current and emerging challenges that provide smarter water management to Nevada's stakeholders.

elko capture

Wildlife management & ecology

Research includes management of game animals and carnivores, demographics, habitat requirements, community and landscape ecology, all to bridge the gap between basic and applied wildlife science.