Departments & Units

Agricultural research, veterinary medicine, and rangeland science

Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Science

AVRS houses faculty that specialize in the unique features found primary in Nevada and other semi-arid climates.

Biochemistry department

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

BMB faculty focus on everything from biofuels to crop development to food crop diseases to human health.

environmental research

Natural Resources & Environmental Science

Faculty in NRES are interested in the environment and how things interact with each other.

nutritional science

Nutrition & Dietetics

The Nutrition department works toward improving human health.



Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station

Serving as CABNR's research branch.


Nevada Cooperative Extension

Serving as CABNR's outreach and community engagement conduit.


CABNR Organizational Chart

CABNR historically has been associated with the teaching aspect of the college and lead by a Dean. When in reality, CABNR serves as the umbrella for three major units: academics departments, research and outreach/engagement. The Dean actually provides the overarching leadership, but delegates unit management to directors and department chairs.

  • Bill Payne Dean of College
    • Department Chairs
      • Tamzen Stringham AVRS Chair
      • Bob Ryan BMB Chair
      • Hall Cushman NRES Chair
      • Jamie Benedict Nutrition Chair
    • Claus Tittiger Director of Academics
      • Juana Reynoza-Gomez Director of Advising, Recruitment & Retention
    • Ivory Lyles Director Cooperative Extension
      • Holly Gatzky Northern Area Director
      • Eric Killian Southern Area Director
    • Chris Pritsos Director of Experiment Station
      • Bo Kindred Assistant Director
    • Shauna Lemieux Director of Communications