Student Nutrition Association

The purpose of this organization is to provide a framework for meaningful student involvement and to foster interest in the profession of nutrition and dietetics. The Student Nutrition Association (SNA) at the University of Reno, NV strives to broaden the scope of nutrition education through nutrition related activities and to provide credible nutrition information to the community. While many of our members are majoring or minoring in nutrition, we have members of other degrees that also share a passion for nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices! We volunteer with local organizations as well as promote overall wellness and nutrition on campus and throughout the community!

SNA also serves as a networking forum, offers guidance and support for students' concerns, and introduces students to professionals in various areas of the nutrition field. Members will establish an affiliation with the Northern Nevada District Dietetic Association (NNDDA) and Nevada Dietetic Association (NDA). They will be presented opportunities to integrate service and volunteer for experiences pertinent to the goal of dietetics.

For more information contact:
Deanna Bradburn (Club President) Karon Felten (Faculty Advisor)