2021 Awards

Honoring the Best

of the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources

You make a profound difference.

Every day of your career in our College, your efforts have made a profound difference for our University community and broader community in Nevada, the region, and the world. Thank you for your hard work, resiliency, strength and sacrifice. Please know you have our admiration, appreciation and support.

Welcome to our digital awards celebration

This celebration provides us the opportunity to recognize the amazing accomplishments of our students, employees and supporters.

Each awardee has a unique story

We are proud of all of our honorees. Each has a unique story. Hear and celebrate them.

Employee Awards


Denise Haynie.

Denise Haynie
Outstanding Staff

Felisa Mandujano Torres.

Felisa Mandujano Torres
Extension Award of Excellence for Program Staff

Jolyn Wirshing.

Jolyn Wirshing
Outstanding Teacher

Kelley Stewart.

Kelley Stewart
Outstanding Researcher

Kim Higgins.

Kim Higgins
Extension Award of Excellence for Administrative Faculty

Lindsay Chichester.

Lindsay Chichester
Extension Award of Excellence for Academic Faculty

Michelle Davis
Extension Award of Excellence for Support Staff


Supporter Awards

Jeanne Chambers.

Jeanne Chambers
Natural Resources & Environmental Science Leadership Award

Joe Dibble.

Joe Dibble
Marsha Read Leadership Award in Nutrition & Dietetics

Photo by Lou Manna.

Jon Griggs.

Jon Griggs
Department of Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences Leadership Award

Photo by Dan Hottle.

Chef Ty.

Chef Mike Ty
Extension Award of Excellence for Supporters

Sharon Young.

Sharon Young
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Leadership Award


Graduating Student Ambassadors

Anutr Sivakoses.

Anutr Sivakoses
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Spanish (Literature & Culture)

Jiavanna Wong-Fortunato.

Jiavanna Wong-Fortunato
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Outstanding Graduate Students

Daniel Barnes

Daniel Barnes
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Elizabeth Reikowski.

Elizabeth Reikowski
Natural Resources & Environmental Science

Everald McLennon.

Everald McLennon
Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences

Haley Toups.

Haley Toups
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology | Biochemistry

Juliet Wallis.

Juliet Wallis
Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences

Maria Sole Bonarota.

Maria Sole Bonarota
Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences

Mary Brady.

Mary Brady
Natural Resources & Environmental Science

Simindokht Aliabadi.

Simindokht Aliabadi

Steven Bristow.

Steven Bristow
Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences


Meet Senior Scholar Yazmeen Ybarra

by the Nevada Alumni Association

Outstanding Seniors

Alex Vice.

Alex Vice
Natural Resources & Environmental Science | Forest Management & Ecology

Alexa Lyons.

Alexa Lyons
Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences | Rangeland Ecology & Management

Anjelica Borick.

Anjelica Borick
Nutrition | Dietetics 

Anna Zoeters.

Anna Zoeters
Natural Resources & Environmental Science | Environmental Science

Chloe Dodge.

Chloe Dodge
Natural Resources & Environmental Science | Ecohydrology

Christine Shen.

Christine Shen
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and
Nutrition | Dietetics

Courtney Krause.

Courtney Krause
Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences | Agricultural Science

Dylan Pinatelli.

Dylan Pinatelli
Nutrition | Nutritional Science 

Jake Rouse.

Jake Rouse
Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences | Agricultural Science

Kevin Beeman Brown.

Kevin Beeman-Brown
Nutrition | Nutritional Science 

Mattie Johns.

Mattie Johns
Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences | Rangeland Ecology & Management

Mira Newby.

Mira Newby
Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences | Veterinary Science

Molly Willoughby.

Molly Willoughby
Natural Resources & Environmental Science | Environmental Science

Nikki Zuber.

Nikki Zuber
Natural Resources & Environmental Science | Wildlife Ecology & Conservation

Ruth Griggs.

Ruth Griggs, honorable mention
Natural Resources & Environmental Science | Environmental Science 

Savanah Bloomquist.

Savanah Bloomquist
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology | Biotechnology

Yazmeen Ybarra.

Yazmeen Ybarra
Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences | Veterinary Science

Stories from the Class of 2021

by the Nevada Latino Alumni Association


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