Spring Celebration & Awards Night



Bill Payne.Bill Payne.

It is truly a pleasure to be able to gather here with you all this evening. It isn’t often that we have an opportunity to all get together – our students, faculty, staff and supporters – to celebrate our College’s accomplishments.

Those accomplishments are representative of a lot of hard work by you all, and the passion you have for what you do, and what we are trying to do as a College. I couldn’t be more proud and want to sincerely thank you all.

I am delighted to be here with you to recognize what is really just a small portion of all that our College has accomplished over the past year. Our College is truly exemplary in delivering on the University’s tripartite mission of teaching, research and engagement, thanks to your hard work.

Tonight, we celebrate:

  • Your excellence in learning and teaching in our classrooms,
  • Your excellence in research in our labs, fields and Experiment Station facilities, and
  • Your excellence in providing meaningful impacts in Nevada communities with Extension programming.

Thank you all for coming, and I hope you enjoy the evening and sharing in each other’s successes.

William A. Payne
Dean of the College

April 28, 2023 | Program Schedule

Opening Comments & Welcome

Employee Awards

  • Outstanding Researcher
  • Outstanding Teacher
  • Outstanding Extension Academic Faculty
  • Outstanding Extension Administrative Faculty
  • Outstanding Extension Program Staff
  • Outstanding Extension Team
  • Outstanding Administrative Faculty
  • Outstanding Staff Employee
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award

Special Recognition Awards

  • Outstanding Extension Supporter
  • Natural Resources & Environmental Science Leadership
  • Marsha Read Leadership Award in Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Outstanding Agriculturist

Student Awards

Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences

  • Outstanding Seniors
  • Outstanding Ph.D. Students
  • Excellence in Veterinary Instruction
  • Graduating Seniors

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

  • Outstanding Seniors
  • Outstanding Master's Students
  • Graduating Seniors

Natural Resources & Environmental Science

  • Outstanding Seniors
  • Outstanding Master's Students
  • Outstanding Ph.D. Student
  • Graduating Seniors


  • Outstanding Seniors
  • Outstanding Graduate Student
  • Graduating Seniors

Closing Comments

Graduation Cap Decorating


Employee Awards

Brad Ferguson.

Brad Ferguson, Outstanding Researcher

Marina MacLean.

Marina MacLean, Outstanding Teacher

Buddy Borden.

Buddy Borden, Outstanding Extension Academic Faculty

Macy Helm.

Macy Helm, Outstanding Extension Administrative Faculty

Linda Brown.

Linda Brown, Outstanding Extension Staff

Headshots for Alec Bowman, Buddy Borden, Elijah Rubalcada, Joseph Lednicky, Marlene Rebori, Michelle Davis, Mike Taylor, Noah Neuman, Sierra Frykberg, Tom Harris and Zen Frykberg arranged in a collage.

Nevada Economic Assessment Project (NEAP), Outstanding Extension Team

Cara Goss.

Cara Goss, Outstanding Administrative Faculty

Sara Wilson.

Sara Wilson, Outstanding Staff Employee

Jill Baker-Tingey

Jill Baker-Tingey, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award


Special Recognition Awards

A group of Master Gardener Volunteers at a Master Gardener booth.

Extension's Master Gardeners of Clark County, Outstanding Extension Supporter

Annabelle Monti.

Annabelle Monti, Natural Resources & Environmental Science Leadership Award

Wei Yang.

Dr. Wei Yang, Marsha Read Leadership Award in Nutrition & Dietetics

Ted Borda.

Ted Borda, Outstanding Agriculturist


Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences

Tio Brody.

Tio Brody
Outstanding Senior, Agricultural Science & Economics

Emma Parsons.

Emma Parsons
Outstanding Senior, NevadaTeach: Agricultural Science

Zachary Heinhold.

Zachary Heinhold
Outstanding Senior, Agricultural Science: Plant Science

Sarah VanNess

Sarah VanNess
Outstanding Senior, Rangeland Ecology & Management 

Arturo Macías Franco.

Arturo Macías Franco
Outstanding Ph.D. Student, Animal & Rangeland Science

Uriel Cholula Rivera.

Uriel Cholula Rivera
Outstanding Ph.D. Student, Environmental Sciences & Health

Sailor Lee.

Sailor Lee
Outstanding Senior, Veterinary Science

Isadora M. Batalha.

Isadora M. Batalha
Excellence in Veterinary Instruction


Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Edward Cao.

Edward Cao, Outstanding Senior, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Madison Blea.

Madison Blea, Outstanding Senior, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Joshua Soriano.

Joshua Soriano, Outstanding Senior, Biotechnology

Spencer Danner-Bocks.

Spencer Danner-Bocks, Outstanding Senior, Biotechnology

Gabriel J. Angres,

Gabriel J. Angres, Outstanding Master's Student, Biochemistry

The UNR mascot pointing at the camera.

Omar Garcia-Cruz, Outstanding Master's Student, Biochemistry

Judith Cruz Amaya.

Judith Cruz Amaya, Outstanding Master's Student, Biotechnology

Roopa Kala Attuluri.

Roopa Kala Attuluri, Outstanding Master's Student, Biotechnology


Natural Resources & Environmental Science

Nicole Choma.

Nicole Choma, Outstanding Senior, Environmental Science

Mitch Aikin.

Mitch Aikin, Outstanding Senior, Forest Ecology & Management

Brenda Soto Lopez.

Brenda Soto Lopez, Outstanding Senior, Wildlife Ecology & Conservation

Helen Kesting.

Helen Kesting, Outstanding Master's Student, Ecology, Evolution & Conservation Biology

Daniel Nielsen.

Daniel Nielsen, Outstanding Ph.D. Student, Ecology, Evolution & Conservation Biology



Mandy Lantz.

Mandy Lantz, Outstanding Senior, Dietetics

Daniella Wood.

Daniella Wood, Outstanding Senior, Nutritional Science

Joel Paniagua Soto.

Joel Paniagua Soto, Outstanding Graduate Student, Nutrition 


About our College

The College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources is a founding college of our land-grant University. We have a long and distinguished record of fulfilling the land-grant mission to provide teaching, research and outreach programs that grow the health and economic vitality of Nevada.

Life-improving research Our top-notch research opportunities for students and faculty address important local issues. Our discoveries meet the world's needs, now and for a brighter future.
Experiment Station's cutting-edge greenhouse center glowing at dusk
Lifelong learning Our Extension programs, such as 4-H, solve problems and address critical issues to improve the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of Nevadans.
Lake Tahoe
Undergraduate learning Our four academic departments offer rich learning and research experiences. This builds broad foundations, grows deep expertise and impacts entire fields of knowledge.
Smiling student using research equipment in the field on a beautiful sunny day
Graduate learning Our opportunities to participate in, lead, present and publish life-improving research enriches students and launches careers while disrupting fields of knowledge.
Student conducting his own research in a well-equipped lab

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