Dean's message

The U.S. Land Grant University system was established in 1862 with the signing of the Morrill Act. This provided all Americans with the opportunity to be educated in the scientific and technical skills needed to drive industrial output and improve agricultural production, and the Act led directly to the establishment of the University of Nevada in 1874.

Agriculture has evolved over the years and the College has been renamed to reflect that evolution. Our current name, "Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources," reflects our overall commitment to fostering healthy food systems from sustainable agricultural production based on the very best science. Led by our acclaimed faculty, the College excels in addressing real world problems that impact lives. The most difficult problems that Nevada and the world face -- food and energy security, environmental protection, human health and nutrition and climate change -- are the problems that the College tackles head-on.

The College's many academic programs provide students with the real world training needed to address these critical issues. Recent reports listed College-related majors as among the five highest paying degrees, and many articles stressed the critical shortage of scientific, technological and business professionals needed to work in the agricultural world. We are constantly searching for students and research faculty who have the drive, ambition and commitment to address this generation's grand challenges and fulfill high-demand careers that matter.

Bill Payne, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources