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 Yantao Shen robotics for the blind

Robotics to help blind and visually impaired to recognize objects

12/15/2015 • Mike Wolterbeek
Department of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering Associate Professor Yantao Shen developing a hand-worn robotic device that will help millions of blind and visually impaired people navigate or assist in their ability to pre-locate, pre-sense and grasp an object.

 cybersecurity education for teachers

Amping up cybersecurity, computing training for Nevada teachers

12/3/2015 • Mike Wolterbeek
Nevada middle and high school teachers can apply to Cybersecurity Center for summer program to enhance classroom offerings

 Elie Hajj pavement lab

Pavement research sets stage for new federal highway improvement models

12/2/2015 • Mike Wolterbeek
The College of Engineering Pavement/Materials Program is transforming a 30-year-old federal highway fuel economy formula.


Mechanical engineering students hear inside story of Volkswagen emissions scandal

11/17/2015 • Jane Tors
Worldwide reaction sparked by project conducted by former students and lab of University’s VPRI.

 Glenn Miller

Roadside gumweed in Nevada could be used as jet fuel for the military

11/16/2015 • Whip Villarreal
College of Ag, Biotech and Natural Resources aims to covert roadside gumweed in Nevada into jet fuel for the military

 Senior Jordan Dobrich, a linebacker on the football team and a mechanical engineering major at the University of Nevada

Dobrich earns football’s most prestigious scholar-athlete award

10/29/2015 • Staff Report
Engineering student-athlete named to NFF National Scholar-Athlete Class; finalist for William V. Campbell Trophy.

 Faramarz Gordaninejad

Team of engineering professors and students work to reduce the degradation of bridges

10/27/2015 • Matthew Ravaglioli
Under the guidance of Faramarz Gordaninejad, a new bearing system is being devised that will sense and react to suppress vibration of bridges.

 Shamik Sengupta

Cyber Security Center gets boost from National Science Foundation grants

10/22/2015 • Mike Wolterbeek
Assistant Professor Shamik Sengupta brings in $1.1 million to support research, outreach and teaching

 Block N

University students bring big data to cancer screening in start-up launch

10/15/2015 • Kirstin Swagman
A computer science and engineering co-op program is developing a web application for men considering prostate cancer screening that combines big data and personalized results.

 Tesla's JB Straubel lecture

Tesla’s CTO JB Straubel lectured at student union on sustainable energy, education, workforce

10/14/2015 • Mike Wolterbeek
Tesla's JB straubel tells crowd at College of Engineering Distinguished Lecture Series that a sustainable energy revolution is happening, and education is a key component.

 Hao Xu holds drone up next to t.v. monitor.

Professor and researcher uses data analysis and modern technology to improve transportation safety

10/12/2015 • Matthew Ravaglioli
Xu’s research integrates data mining methodologies, statistical theory and database systems with cutting-edge technology to enhance traffic systems.

 autonomous robot research

Robots outnumber scientists in one University lab

10/12/2015 • Mike Wolterbeek
There are more robots than people in the Robotics Research Lab at the University of Nevada, Reno, but they haven’t taken over yet.

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