Dimuzio is October Employee of the Month

October Employee of Month Dimuzio honored for exemplary and helpful service

Dimuzio is October Employee of the Month

October Employee of Month Dimuzio honored for exemplary and helpful service

Sam Dimuzio, administrative assistant in the College of Engineering Dean's Office, has been named the October Employee of the Month by the Staff Employees Council.

Dimuzio, according to nominator Indira Chatterjee, associate dean of the College of Engineering, has had an "exemplary work performance ... her attitude toward the public, students, faculty and staff and her willingness to go the extra mile beyond her job duties ... is always done with a smile, willingness, and no complaints."

In particular, Chatterjee noted that Dimuzio combines both an extremely organized nature with a personality that is always friendly and nurturing.

"The students just love her," Chatterjee wrote. "She deals with them patiently, helping them with anything they come to her with, always with a smile. Her office is rarely without a student who needs something. She knows many of them by first name. She goes out of her way to be helpful. I have never once heard her being rude or harsh with a student."

Chatterjee said Dimuzio's ability to personalize the mission of the college by always putting student needs first is refreshing and inspiring.

"I still remember when she had to deal with the Fundamentals of Engineering exam - she was the one who received the students' applications," Chatterjee remembered. "Untiringly, semester after semester, she would repeat for each student what they needed to do - I suggested once to her that she should have a recorded message for the students so she would not have to repeat the same instructions hundreds of times.

"But Sam said that would not be personal service and she did not mind doing that."

Dimuzio, Chatterjee said, has distinguished herself by being in charge of many of the important student activities in the college, organizing E-Week, serving as advisor for the Engineering Leadership Council as well as the administrator for the Engineering Tutoring Center, scheduler for all Engineering courses, organizer of the Dean's List as well as answering drop-in, electronic and telephone advising questions when she can.

"I can go on and on about everything she does with respect to working with and for the students," Chatterjee said. "It is no wonder they think so highly of her and seek her out for any issues they may be having."

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