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Proposal development and processing support is available to all Engineering faculty, including the set-up of files within the InfoEd system. To maximize the use of these resources, faculty members should follow the steps as outlined below and provide a timely notification of services required.

Craig Holloman - Coordinator, Research Grants
Phone: 775-784-6857
Email: stephenholloman@unr.edu
Office: SEM 130A

NOTE: All InfoEd proposal files should be complete (with the exception of the technical narrative) and ready for review by the Dean's office at least 7 business days prior to the Sponsor's deadline.  View additional InfoEd resources.

Proposal Submission Process

Begin this step as soon as you decide you wish to submit a proposal (15+ days prior to deadline).

Notify Craig Holloman ( stephenholloman@unr.edu), Coordinator, Research Grants for the College of Engineering, via email and include:

  • Solicitation link or copy
  • Draft budget and justification
  • Draft summary or abstract
  • Title of proposal
  • Start/end dates of project
  • Any preliminary questions

When reviewing proposals, the following items will be considered by the Dean's office prior to submission to Sponsored Projects for full review :

  • Budget
  • Budget Justification
  • Summary/Abstract, Draft Proposal or Full Proposal
  • Subcontractor Information (if applicable), including: SUB-1 Form, Scope of Work, Budget, and Budget Justification
  • Cost Share Form (if applicable)

All proposals (regardless of sponsor) require an InfoEd file to be created. (Complete 5-7 days prior to deadline).

  • Verify you have InfoEd access (you must have completed InfoEd training)
  • Create InfoEd file and enter preliminary data (the Research Grants Coordinator can complete this step for you if information is provided)
  • Once InfoEd file is complete, hit "Submit for Final Review"
  • Research Grants Coordinator will receive the file for subsequent review and processing for signatures

Note: Grants.gov system-to-system proposals must include detailed budget in InfoEd; all others may only include cumulative costs. for NSF proposals, enter details in Fastlane.

This step will automatically begin with the receipt of the InfoEd file at Sponsored Projects (SP) (5 business days prior to deadline).

  • SP receives the approved InfoEd file and makes initial contacts with the PI
  • SP reviews all file documents for University and Sponsor compliance
  • SP will submit any questions or clarifications needed to the PI via email
  • Once approved by SP, the PI will be asked for permission to submit the proposal to the sponsor

Internal Submission Deadlines

Enter the planned submission date in the box below to see internal deadlines for proposal processing.

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