Faculty Resources

CoEN Proposal Submission Process

Resources for Preparing and Submitting Proposals:

Grant Support

The Dean's office provides support to faculty in the proposal development process, including set-up within the InfoEd system. PI's should contact the Grants and Projects Analyst at the beginning of the development process in order to insure compliance with Sponsor and University guidelines. Assistance is also available with the creation and routing of the InfoEd file, given the PI provides required information in a timely manner. All InfoEd proposal files should be complete (with the exception of the technical narrative) and ready for review by the Dean's office at least 7 business days prior to the Sponsor's deadline. Additional InfoEd resources can be found HERE.

When reviewing proposals, the following items will be considered by the Dean's office prior to submission to OSPA for full review:

  • Budget
  • Budget Justification
  • Summary/Abstract, Draft Proposal or Full Proposal
  • Subcontractor Information (if applicable), including: SUB-1 Form, Scope of Work, Budget, and Budget Justification
  • Cost Share Form (if applicable)

Contact Information:

Craig Holloman
College of Engineering Grants & Projects Analyst                                                                                                     Scrugham Engineering Building (SEM) 130A

775-784-6857; stephenholloman@unr.edu