Central Committee Standard Operating Procedures

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The funds accumulated from differential fees will be utilized solely to enhance the quality and growth of engineering and computer science education and hence offer state-of-the-art degrees that make students highly competitive in the global market environment.

The goal of the Differential Fees Central Committee is to solicit proposals from academic undergraduate and graduate programs, review the proposals, and develop recommendations for fund usage to the Dean of the College of Engineering.

Purpose and authority

The Differential Fees Central Committee has been established under the direction of the Dean of the College of Engineering to oversee the operation and coordination of funding proposals to enhance the excellence and global competitiveness of engineering and computer science programs.


  1. To solicit funding proposals from academic programs and departments.
  2. To review and evaluate submitted proposals and to recommend funding proposals to the Dean of the College of Engineering.
  3. To maintain communications with the College of Engineering, University, and Departments on issues relating to proposed enhancements and procedures regarding fund distribution.