Intent to submit

Would you like to submit a proposal? To begin, notify the ERO of your intention to submit a proposal by completing the Intent to Submit form, and we will be in touch. Next, generate a recommended timeline for your proposal development process by using the internal timeline tool below.

Internal submission deadlines

Enter the planned submission date in the box below to see internal deadlines for proposal processing.

Proposal submission timeline
Proposal processing actions Due date
Submit initial notification of intent to submit to the Engineering Research Office (ERO)
(15 business days prior)
Send draft budget and justification to ERO for review and finalization
(10 business days prior)
Complete InfoEd file and ‘submit for final review’  with final budget, final justification and draft statement of work
(7 business days prior)
Upload all other final documents required for submission to submission site (i.e., NSPIRES, ASSIST,,, etc.) or send to ERO (if being emailed to sponsor)
(5 business days prior)
ERO and OSP review period -- 5 days
Upload final summary and/or project description to submission site, if needed
(1 business day prior)

Submission of proposal

Proposals submitted with less than lead times noted above will receive limited review. 

Proposal submission timeline