Engineering computing resources

ECC at a glance

Location: Scrugham Engineering and Mines 231A-231D and 231-F

Phone: ECC (775) 784-1437, EDL in JOT Travis (775) 682-7775

Hours: Please visit the Engineering Computing Center on WebCampus (login with NetID required) for up-to-date hours.

Engineering Design Lab

The Engineering Design Lab, or EDL, is located is JOT Travis 125-D. Availability is subject to class schedules, and you can find schedule information on the ECC organization on WebCampus (login with NetID required).

Engineering students need access to specialized software programs, and our Engineering Computing Center offers students more than 100 computers running both Windows and Linux software.

How can I access the ECC?

The Engineering Computing Center is open to all engineering majors as well as any student enrolled in an engineering or computer science class. Users can get right to work — all they need to do is log on to one of the computers with their NetID and password!

How can I find out if a computer will be available?

Three of the ECC's six labs are dedicated for student use and are open any time the ECC is open. These labs are SEM 231-A, SEM 231-D and SEM 231-F.

The other three labs are available to students when they are not being used for engineering classes. Schedules for these labs are posted on the ECC Organization in WebCampus.

The ECC also offers a "Quick Print" station behind the front desk for students who just need to stop in briefly and print their work!

Can I print at the ECC?

ECC users are allowed to print a certain number of pages each month, free of charge.

  • Undergraduates: 130 pages per month (unused pages roll over each month, up to 200 pages total)
  • Graduates: 130 pages per month (unused pages roll over each month, up to 200 pages total)
  • Others (students not enrolled in the College of Engineering but taking a qualifying class): 50 pages per month

Please note: The ECC only offers black & white printing. For color printing, students can print on the 1st and 2nd floors of the DeLa Mare Library or at the Knowledge Center. Wolfcard is needed!

DeLa Mare Library

DeLa Mare Library is housed in the Mackay Mines building and offers specialized collections in science and engineering fields. The library also houses more than 40 computers for student use and provides specialized resources and research guides on engineering topics.

ECC users can access free black & white printing on the 3rd floor of the DeLa Mare Library at one computer station beside the printer.